Context and Culture in Language Teaching

ISBN : 9780194371872

Claire J. Kramsch
304 Pages
138 x 216 mm
Pub date
Jun 1993
Oxford Applied Linguistics
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This is an attempt to redraw the boundaries of foreign language study. It focuses attention not just on cultural knowledge as a necessary aspect of communicative competence, but as an educational objective in its own right, as an end as well as a means of language learning. Winner MLA Kenneth W Mildenberger Prize


Acknowledgements ; Preface ; Introduction ; Dubious dichotomies and deceptive symmetries ; The importance of context in language education ; A discourse perspective ; Notes ; 1. Educational challenge ; Of challenges and conditions ; Challenge as action ; Challenge as paradox ; Challenge as dialogue ; Double-voiced discourse ; Dialogic breakthrough ; Notes ; 2. Contexts of speech and social interaction ; What's in a context? ; Discourse and culture ; Contextual shaping ; Conclusion ; Notes ; 3. Teaching the spoken language ; Five case studies ; Problems and paradoxes ; Teaching language as (con)/text ; Notes ; 4. Stories and discourses ; Dimensions of particularity ; Understanding of particularity ; Conclusion ; Notes ; 5. Teaching the literary text ; Current practices ; Defining the reader ; Teaching the narrative ; Teaching poetry ; Post-teaching activities ; Conclusion ; Notes ; 6. Authentic texts and contexts ; What is cultural authenticity? ; The communicative proficiency approach ; The discourse analysis approach ; The challenge of multimedia ; Notes ; 7. Teaching language across the cultural faultline ; Cultural reality and cultural imagination ; C2, C2': reconstructing the C2 context of production and reception ; C1, C1': constructing a context of reception in the learner's native culture ; C1", C2": in the eyes of others ; Of bridges and boundaries ; Notes ; 8. Looking for third places ; A popular culture ; A critical culture ; An ecological culture ; Conclusion ; Notes ; Appendices ; Bibliography ; Index

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