India Public Finance and Policy Report: Fiscal Issues and Macro Economy: 2016

ISBN : 9780199472055

Jyotsna Jalan; Sugata Marjit; Sattwik Santra
168 Pages
219 x 276 mm
Pub date
Sep 2016
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The India Public Finance and Policy Report 2016, a flagship endeavour of the Centre for Training and Research in Public Finance and Policy (CTRPFP), debates contemporaneous issues in public finance and public policy from a national and a global perspective. This inaugural volume on 'Fiscal Issues and Macro Economy' presents a comprehensive survey of India's fiscal policy, offering new insights on the state of public finance in the country from a contemporary, historical, and futuristic perspective. Among other areas, the report addresses the dynamic interlinkages between different macroeconomic variables importance of intergovernmental transfers in states' fiscal performance effect of fiscal policies of global leaders on South Asian economies connections between the demographic patterns and economic growth role of imports in economic development interdependencies of fiscal policies within South Asian countries impact of external factors on domestic fiscal policy comparative fiscal performance of Indian states, using latest statistics Written in lucid and non-technical language, this is an authoritative and in-depth commentary on the essential policy debates of present-day India.


List of Tables, Figures, and Boxes
List of Abbreviations and Acronyms
India's Fiscal Policy: Past, Present, and the Way Forward
Centre for Training and Research in Public Finance and Policy

2 Deficit Management and Its Implications for Inflation - M. Ramachandran and Hersch Sahay
3 Demographic Changes and Economic Growth: Observations from India- Pranab Kumar Das and Saibal Kar
4 India: Importing Growth from Abroad? - Sugata Marjit and Sattwik Santra
5 Fiscal Policy Interdependencies and Contagion Effects in South Asia- Fabrizio Carmignani
6 Assessing Fiscal Performance of Indian States: A Composite Fiscal Index - Sugata Marjit, Jayanta Kumar Dwibedi, and Koushik Kumar Hati

Statistical Appendix
About the Editors and Contributors

About the author: 

Jyotsna Jalan is Professor of Economics, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta (CSSSC).; Sugata Marjit is Vice Chancellor, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India and the Reserve Bank Chair of Industrial Economics, CSSSC.; Sattwik Santra teaches economics at the Centre for Training and Research in Public Finance and Policy (CTRPFP), CSSSC.

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