Civilian Protection in the Twenty-First Century: Governance and Responsibility in a Fragmented World

ISBN : 9780199467501

Cecilia Jacob; Alistair D. B. Cook
280 Pages
138 x 216 mm
Pub date
Aug 2016
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There has been a significant consolidation of international norms to advance human protection objectives in current global politics. Yet, while civilian protection is at the heart of international humanitarian law and the United Nations global security agenda, armed conflicts today are increasingly fragmented. The current global security environment creates significant ethical and political complexities for the actors operating in this field to protect civilians. This volume interrogates the diversity of practices and the politics of civilian protection at the individual and community as well as the state, non-state, and the international community levels to conceptualize civilian protection in this complex environment. The book comprises thematic chapters on humanitarian intervention, protection of populations of concern including refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs), and international diplomacy, which are enriched with six case studies from Asia and Africa. Combining conceptual debate with empirical evidence, the contributors describe the contexts in which interventions occur and the practical ways in which protection mechanisms have been implemented. This volume offers alternatives that can be adopted to improve and build upon current practices of civilian protection.


Introduction: New Wine in Old Bottles? Civilian Protection
in the Twenty-First Century
Cecilia Jacob and Alistair D. B. Cook
I Contesting Concepts
1. The New Politics of Protection? Cote dIvoire, Libya
and the Responsibility to Protect
Alex J. Bellamy and Paul D. Williams
2. Responsibility to Protect: A Study in Consensus-building
Linda Quayle
3. The Rwanda Paradigm: The Responsibility to Protect
Displaced Persons
Susan Harris Rimmer
II Asia
4. The Politics of Protecting Religious Minorities: The State
and Communal Violence in India
Cecilia Jacob
5. Civilian Protection, Resilience, and Insecurity in Myanmar
Alistair D. B. Cook
6. Chinas Dual Approach towards the Protection of Civilians
Lina Gong
III Africa
7. Libya and the State of Intervention
Tim Dunne and Jess Gifkins
8. Protection First, Justice Later? Stopping Mass Atrocities in
Northern Uganda
Raymond Kwun Sun Lau
9. Civilian Protection in Darfur: Promise, Politics, and Practice
David Mickler
Conclusion: Conceptualizing Civilian Protection in Global
PoliticsFrameworks and Possibilities
Cecilia Jacob

About the author: 

Cecilia Jacob is Research Fellow, Department of International Relations, Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, Australian National University, Canberra. Alistair D. B. Cook is Research Fellow, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

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