The Oxford Handbook of Sound and Image in Western Art

ISBN : 9780199841547

Yael Kaduri
552 Pages
171 x 248 mm
Pub date
Aug 2016
Oxford Handbooks
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The Oxford Handbook of Sound and Image in Western Art is the first book to examine, under one umbrella, different kinds of analogies, mutual influences, integrations and collaborations of audio and visual in different art forms: painting, sculpture, installation, architecture, performance art, animation, film, video art, visual music, multimedia, experimental music, sound art, opera, theatre and dance. Sitting at the cutting edge of the field of music and visual arts, the book offers a unique, at times controversial view of this rapidly evolving area of study. The book is organized around three core thematic sections. The first, Sights & Sounds, concentrates on interaction between the experience of seeing and the experience of hearing. Sound, Space & Matter expands the idea of music to include environmental sounds, vibrating frequencies, homemade instruments, linguistic utterances, noise and silence. Architecture, likewise, faces a similar discourse that examines non-material spaces, environments, human habitats, performances, destruction and void. Enhanced by advanced digital technologies, this aesthetic shift opened the door for endless experiments, which give a new context to theoretical issues such as medium, matter and process in creating and perceiving art. In the third section, Performance, Performativity & Text, music as a performing art provides the point of departure. The new light shed by modernism and the avant-garde on the performative aspect of music have led it - together with sound and text - to become active in new ways in contemporary dance, theatre and the visual arts. The chapters in the handbook make and prove their arguments using case studies in contemporary art, music, and sound as illustrations, building upon exsiting thought as a foundation for discussion. Artists, curators, students and scholars will find here a panoramic view of cutting-edge discourse in the field, by an international roster of scholars and practitioners.


1. Yael Kaduri - Introduction: Audiovisual Spaces of Physical Comprehension
Section I. Sights & Sounds
2. Judith Zilczer - American Rhapsody: From Modern to Post-Modern in Visual Music
3. Ruth HaCohen - Between Generation and Suspension: Two Modern Audiovisual Modes
4. Bret Battey and Rajmil (Yerach) Fischman - Convergence of Time and Space: A Composer's Perspective
5. Jean-Baptiste Barriere and Aleksi Barriere - When Music Unfolds into Image: Conceiving Visual Concerts for Kaija Saariaho's Works
6. Cornelia Lund - Sculpting Image and Sound: On Herman Kolgen's Audiovisual Projects
7. Nicholas Cook - Hearing Gould, Seeing Music
8. Rachel Duerden - Choreo-Musical Relationships in Mark Morris's All Fours (2003)
Section II. Sound, Space & Matter
9. Nicholas Till - Sound Houses: Music, Architecture and the Postmodern Sonic
10. Julia Kursell and Armin Schafer - Microsound and Macrocosm: Gerard Grisey's Explorations of Musical Sound and Space
11. Mirjam Schaub - The Affective Experience of Space: Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller
12. Petra Maria Meyer - Sound, Image, Dance and Space in Intermedial Theatre: Past and Present
13. Enrico Pitozzi - Body Soundscape: Perception, Movement and Audiovisual in Contemporary Dance
14. Randolph Jordan - Acoustical Properties: Practicing Contested Spaces in the Films of Philippe Grandrieux
15. Dieter Daniels - Silence and Void: Aesthetics of Absence in Space and Time
Section III. Performance, Performativity & Text
16. Bjorn Heile - Towards a Theory of Experimental Music Theatre: Showing-Doing, Non-Matrixed Performance, and Metaxis
17. Gabriele Brandstetter - Showing Dance: Lecture Performances in Dance since the 1990s
18. Simon Shaw-Miller - Object and Idea: Music in the Art of Kandinsky, Duchamp, Paik and Marclay
19. Gabriele Jutz - Audiovisual Aesthetics in Contemporary Experimental Cinema
20. Endre Szkarosi -The Spatial Expansion of Language in Hungarian Poetry in the Last Decades of the 20th Century
21. Valentina Valentini - The Dramaturgy of Sound and Vocality in the Theatre of Societas Raffaello Sanzio
22. John Richardson - Between Speech, Music and Sound: the Voice, Flow and the Aestheticizing Impulse in Audiovisual Media

About the author: 

Yael Kaduri is a musicologist who teaches in the History and Theory Department of Bezalel University and in the Cinema and TV Arts Department of Sapir College.

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