Water Security in Peri-Urban South Asia: Adapting to Climate Change and Urbanization

ISBN : 9780199464166

Vishal Narain; Anjal Prakash
336 Pages
138 x 216 mm
Pub date
Jul 2016
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Are our urban spaces growing thirsty by the day? What implications do unplanned urban expansion and climate change have on judicious accessibility to water resources among the multitudes who have made urban fringes their home in South Asia? A significant gap exists in current studies of adaptation and vulnerability to the vagaries of climate change that tend to focus on purely agrarian or urban contexts. Addressing this lack, this volume documents and analyses the experiences of this urban periphery in three developing nations, India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, in terms of water security and access, adaptation to climate change, and urban expansion. Cutting across disciplinary boundaries, and using a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods from natural and social sciences, the essays explore the drivers of vulnerability in four peri-urban sites Hyderabad and Gurgaon in India, Khulna in Bangladesh, and Kathmandu in Nepal and examine the cost-effectiveness of technological and institutional alternatives to build adaptive capacity. The essays explore how different groups of people, men and women, face differential vulnerabilities to water insecurity induced by urbanization and climate change and how they adapt through technological or institutional innovation.


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Introduction: Urbanization, Climate Change, and Peri-urban Water Security in South AsiaA Framework for Analysis - Vishal Narain
Urban Burden on Peri-urban Areas: Shared Use of a River in a Coastal City Vulnerable to Climate Change M. Shah Alam Khan, M. Shahjahan Mondal, Rezaur Rahman, Hamidul Huq, Dilip Kumar Datta, Uthpal Kumar, and Mohammad Rashed Jalal
Urbanization, Climate Change, and Water Security in Peri-urban Gurgaon, India - Vishal Narain, Pranay Ranjan, Sreoshi Singh, and Aman Dewan
Expanding City, Shrinking Water Resources, and the Vulnerability of Communities Living on the Edge in Hyderabad, India - Sreoshi Singh and Anjal Prakash
Growing Urbanization, Changing Climate, and Adaptation in Peri-urban Kathmandu: Emerging Shapes of Water and Livelihood Security - Rajesh Sada, Ashutosh Shukla, Anushiya Shrestha, and Lieke Anna Melsen
Gendered and Caste Spaces in Household Water Use: A Case of Aliabad Village in Peri-urban Hyderabad, India - Anjal Prakash and Sreoshi Singh
Changing Environment, Changing Waters: An Analysis of Drinking Water Access of Vulnerable Groups in Peri-urban Sultanpur - Afke van der Woude
Local Perception of Climate Change: Impacts and Responses of Peri-urban Residents in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal - Rajesh Sada, Anushiya Shrestha, and Ashutosh Shukla
Mapping Gains and Losses from the Mayur Ecosystem - Purnamita Dasgupta, Prosun K. Ghosh, Rezaur Rahman,
and M. Shah Alam Khan
Conclusion: Towards Peri-urban Water SecurityImplications for Adaptive Capacity, Public Policy, and Future Research and Action - Anjal Prakash
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About the author: 

Vishal Narain is Associate Professor, Public Policy and Governance, at Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon, India.; Anjal Prakash is Programme Coordinator of Himalayan Adaptation, Water and Resilience (HI-AWARE) Research, at International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Kathmandu, Nepal

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