The Neglected Transition: Building a Relational Home for Children Entering Foster Care

ISBN : 9780199371174

Monique Markee Mitchell
152 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Jul 2016
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On average, a quarter of a million children in the United States enter foster care every year. Most of these children are placed in non-kinship homes; that is, with people who are complete strangers. In The Neglected Transition, child welfare researcher Monique B. Mitchell explores children's experiences of loss and ambiguity as they transition into foster care, as well as the questions children ask during this critical life transition. Specifically, the author uses child-centered research, practical examples, and healing suggestions to create a foundation from which a relational home can be built. Drawing from the compelling stories of children, Mitchell invites readers to join children on their journey as they transition into the foster care system and courageously share their experiences of loss, ambiguity, fear, and hope.


Introduction: Why? What? Where? Who? How? When?
1. WHY Do I Have to Leave?
2. WHAT Is Foster Care?
3. WHERE Are You Taking Me?
4. WHO Are These People?
5. How About ME?
6. WHEN Can I Go Home?
7. Building a Relational Home for Children's Experiences of Loss, Ambiguity, and Trauma in Foster Care
Appendix A: A Value Model of C.A.R.E.: A Blueprint for Building a Relational Home
Appendix B: A Phenomenological Journey: Philosophical and Methodological Considerations

About the author: 

Monique B. Mitchell, PhD, is passionate about illuminating and enhancing the lived experience of children and youth in foster care. Her research focuses on life transitions, meaning-making, grief and loss, ambiguity, and youth empowerment. Her specific expertise involves consulting with children, youth, and invested parties in the child welfare system to inform policy and practice and to develop resources and curricula that serve youth in foster care.

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