A Practical Introduction to Public Management

ISBN : 9780199076901

Chris Thornhill; Natasja Holtzhausen; Isioma Ile; Barry Hanyane; Lindiwe Qele; Enslin van Rooyen; Lizel Lues; Daryl Newton; Sanjay Balkaran; Steve Madue
320 Pages
168 x 240 mm
Pub date
Sep 2015
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A practical introduction to Public Management will have a vocational approach; the text would be accessible and practice-based, whilst also embedding knowledge of relevant theories and principles that underpin the operational elements of the public sector profession. This book would be supportive to students grounding in the subject area both theoretically and practically, with the right balance across those elements. A practical introduction to Public Management would actively build skills and knowledge-base, and a real-life understanding, to prepare the student for progression through the undergraduate students, leading to employment in the public sector.


Part 1 - The theory of Public Management
1 Chapter 1 - Management theories - a precondition for practice
Part 2 - Foundations of Public Management
2 Chapter 2 - Public resource management
3 Chapter 3 - Public office management
4 Chapter 4 - Public information services
5 Chapter 5 - Public decision-making
6 Chapter 6 - Public service delivery
7 Chapter 7 - Administrative law/Interpretation of statutes
Part 3 - Key skills areas
8 Chapter 8 - Research skills
9 Chapter 9 - Project and programme management
10 Chapter 10 - Human resource management
11 Chapter 11 - Strategic management

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