Biomedical Science Practice (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780198717317

Nessar Ahmed; Hedley Glencross; Qiuyu Wang
512 Pages
189 x 246 mm
Pub date
Jul 2016
Fundamentals of Biomedical Science
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  • A blend of science theory and biomedical science practice make this series ideal for those seeking both the knowledge and skills to become proficient Biomedical Scientists
  • Self-test, case study, and discussion questions, with answers provided at the back of the book, encourage students to analyse the text and develop their problem solving skills
  • The book is augmented by an Online Resource Centre, which includes an interactive digital microscope, video interviews with practicing biomedical scientists, and 'in the lab' footage showing biomedical science in practice
  • The text is written by an experienced author team, including both practitioners and educators

New to this Edition:

  • More case studies have been added, further emphasizing the link between theory and practice, and helping students to gain an understanding of the diagnostic process.
  • The professional practice chapters have been updated in line with recent guidelines and policies.
  • New video techniques have been added to the website, and linked directly to the relevant points in the text.

Biomedical scientists are the foundation of modern healthcare, from cancer screening to diagnosing HIV, from blood transfusion for surgery to food poisoning and infection control. Without biomedical scientists, the diagnosis of disease, the evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment, and research into the causes and cures of disease would not be possible. 
The Fundamentals of Biomedical Science series has been written to reflect the challenges of practicing biomedical science today. It draws together essential basic science with insights into laboratory practice to show how an understanding of the biology of disease is coupled to the analytical approaches that lead to diagnosis. Assuming only a minimum of prior knowledge, the series reviews the full range of disciplines to which a Biomedical Scientist may be exposed - from microbiology to cytopathology to transfusion science.
A core text in the Fundamentals of Biomedical Science series, Biomedical Science Practicegives a comprehensive overview of the key laboratory techniques and professional skills that students need to master. The text is supported throughout with engaging clinical case studies, written to emphasize the link between theory and practice, providing a strong foundation for beginning biomedical science students.


1: Biomedical science and biomedical scientists, Hedley Glencross
2: Fitness to practise, Hedley Glencross
3: Communications in laboratory medicine, Hedley Glencross and Georgina Lavender
4: Health and safety, Hedley Glencross and Alison Taylor
5: Preparing and measuring reagents, Ian Graham
6: Samples and sample collection, Joyce Overfield
7: Microscopy, Tony Sims and Qiuyu Wang
8: Electrochemistry, Peter Robinson
9: Spectroscopy, Qiuyu Wang, Helen Montgomery, Nessar Ahmed, and Chris Smith
10: Centrifugation, Qiuyu Wang, Nessar Ahmed, and Chris Smith
11: Chromatography, Qiuyu Wang, Nessar Ahmed, and Chris Smith
12: Electrophoresis, Qiuyu Wang, Nessar Ahmed, and Chris Smith
13: Immunological techniques, Christine Yates and Qiuyu Wang
14: Molecular biology techniques, Qiuyu Wang, Nessar Ahmed, and Chris Smith
15: Laboratory automation, Tim James
16: Point of care testing, Jan Still, Lynda Petley, and Garry McDowell
17: Quality assurance and management, Elaine Moore
18: Personal development, Hedley Glencross and Georgina Lavender

About the author: 

Edited by Nessar Ahmed, School of Healthcare Science, Manchester Metropolitan University, Hedley Glencross, Advanced Specialist Biomedical Scientist, Cytology Department, Queen Alexandra Hospital, and Qiuyu Wang, School of Healthcare Science, Manchester Metropolitan University
Dr Nessar Ahmed is a Reader in Clinical Biochemistry at the Manchester Metropolitan University where his research examines the role of protein glycation in diabetes. His teaching includes clinical biochemistry, endocrinology, and analytical science.

Hedley Glencross is an Advanced Specialist Biomedical Scientist at the Cytology Department, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, where his special interest is in diagnostic (non-gynaecological cytology. He is an elected member of the Executive Committee of the British Association for Cytopathology and is also an assessor for UK NEQAS.

Dr Qiuyu Wang is a Senior Lecturer in Molecular and Cell Biology at the Manchester Metropolitan University. Her major research interest is in cancer biology and stem cell biology. She teaches many aspects of Molecular and Cellular Biology.
Nessar Ahmed - School of Healthcare Science, Manchester Metropolitan University
Garry McDowell - School of Healthcare Science, Manchester Metropolitan University
Hedley Glencross - Cytology Department, Queen Alexandra Hospital
Ian Graham - Formerly of School of Biology, Chemistry and Health Science, Manchester Metropolitan University
Tim James - Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust
Georgina Lavender - Laboratory Training Officer and freelance tutor
Helen Montgomery - Kratos Analytical, Manchester
Elaine Moore - Pathology Department, St Peter's Hospital, Surrey
Joyce Overfield - Formerly of the School of Healthcare Science, Manchester Metropolitan University
Lynda Petley - Partnership Pathology Services, Frimley Park Hospital Foundation Trust
Peter Robinson - Institute of Postgraduate Dental Education, University of Central Lancashire, Preston
Tony Sims - Formerly of the Histopathology Department, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
Chris Smith - Formerly of School of Biology, Chemistry and Health Science, Manchester Metropolitan University
Jan Still - Department of Chemical Pathology, Watford General Hospital
Alison Taylor - Histology Department, Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital
Qiuyu Wang - School of Healthcare Science, Manchester Metropolitan University
Christine Yates - Immunology Department, Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

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