The Oxford Edition of Blackstone: Commentaries on the Laws of England: Book IV: Of Public Wrongs

ISBN : 9780199601028

William Blackstone; Ruth Paley
450 Pages
171 x 246 mm
Pub date
Jun 2016
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Oxford's variorum edition of William Blackstone's seminal treatise on the common law of England and Wales offers the definitive account of the Commentaries' development in a modern format. For the first time it is possible to trace the evolution of English law and Blackstone's thought through the eight editions of Blackstone's lifetime, and the authorial corrections of the posthumous ninth edition. Introductions by the general editor and the volume editors set the Commentaries in their historical context, examining Blackstone's distinctive view of the common law, and editorial notes throughout the four volumes assist the modern reader in understanding this key text in the Anglo-American common law tradition. In the final volume of the Commentaries Blackstone presents a comprehensive and critical overview of English criminal law and procedure, prefaced by a discussion of the philosophical and basis of the criminal justice system. His final chapter 'On the Rise, Progress, and Gradual Improvements, of the Laws of England' provides a fitting historical conclusion to the work as a whole.


Ruth Paley: Editor's Introduction
Wilfrid Prest: Editorial Conventions
Book the Fourth: Of Public Wrongs
I Of the Nature of Crimes
and their Punishment
II Of the Persons Capable of Committing Crimes
III Of Principles and Accessories
IV Of Offences Against God and Religion
V Of Offences Against the Law of Nations
VI Of High Treason
VII Of Felonies, Injurous to the King's Prerogative
VIII Of Praemunire
IX Of Misprisions and Contempts, Affecting the King and Government
X Of Offences Against Public Justice
XI Of Offences Against the Public Peace
XII Of Offences Against Public Trade
XIII Of Offences Against the Public Health, and the Public Police or Oeconomy
XIV Of Homicide
XV Of Offences Against the Persons of Individuals
XVI Of Offences Against the Habitations of Individuals
XVII Of Offences Against Private Property
XVIII Of the Means of Preventing Offences
XIX Of Courts of a Criminal Jurisdiction
XX Of Summary Convictions
XXI Of Arrests
XXII Of Commitment and Bail
XXIII Of the Several Modes of Prosecution
XXIV Of Process upon an Indictment
XXV Of Arraignment, and it's Incidents
XXVI Of Plea, and Issue
XXVII Of Trial, and Convinction
XXVIII Of the Benefit of Clergy
XXIX Of Judgement, and it's Consequences
XXX Of Reversal of Judgement
XXXI Of Reprieve, and Pardon
XXXII Of Execution
XXXIII Of the Rise, Progress, and Gradual Improvement, of the Laws of England

About the author: 

Ruth Paley is an Editor at the History of Parliament Trust, focusing on the House of Lords from 1660-1832.

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