Doing Sociology in India: Genealogies, Locations, and Practices (OIP)

ISBN : 9780199467020

Sujata Patel
368 Pages
138 x 216 mm
Pub date
Jun 2016
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This important volume on the history of sociology in India locates scholars, scholarship, theories, perspectives, and practices of the discipline in different cities and regions of the country over a century. It argues that this history is enmeshed in political projects of constructing a society, which took place as a result of colonialism and dominant nationalism. Doing Sociology in India affirms the existence of both strong and weak traditions of scholarship in India, and underscores three processes that have aided this development at various points of time: reflexive interrogation of received scholarship; probing ideal types of theories within the classroom; and questioning existing debates on society and its language by publics. It suggests that processes outside academia in social movements and associational groups have interrogated mainstream sociology to make it diverse and multiple. The book has a pan-Indian perspective; it brings together practitioners and interlocutors from various cities and regions to discuss the many traditions of the discipline. Their arguments are structured around the interplay of three themes including, time, space, and power.


Introduction: Ruminating on Sociological Traditions in India - Sujata Patel

I Pasts and Presents: Debating Disciplinary Genealogies
1 The Genealogy of the Discipline in Bombay - Manorama Savur
2 The Public Culture of Sociology in Calcutta - Anjan Ghosh
3 Searching for Bedrock: Contending with the Lucknow School and it Legacy - Sasheej Hegde
4 Social Anthropology of Marxist Sociology? Assessing the Contesting Sociological Visions of M.N. Srinivas and A.R. Desai - Sujata Patel

II Between Nation and Region: Situating Sociology
1 Of Centres and Peripheries: Sociology in Goa - Alito Siqueira and Manish Thakur
2 Legacy and Rigour: The Bombay School of Sociology and its impact in Universities in Maharashtra - D.N. Dhanagare
3 Looking Back: The Practice of Sociology in CSSS/JNU - Maitrayee Choudhury
4 Sociology in Karnataka: The Formation and Decline of a Discipline - N Jayaram

III Negotiating Practices, Rescripting Agendas
1 Exorcising the Fear of Identity: Interrogating the Language Question in Sociology and Sociological Language- Sharmila Rege
2 Knowledge Production and Transmission: Learning Sociology at the Undergraduate level - Edward Rodrigues
3 Anthropology, Law, and Adivasi Movements in Jharkhand - Carol Upadhyaya
4 Scripting Sociology of Science: Between Knowledge and Democracy in India - Shiv Visvanathan

Notes on Contributors

About the author: 

Sujata Patel, Professor , Department of Sociology, School of Social Sciences, University of Hyderabad.

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