The Oxford Handbook of Modern Chinese Literatures

ISBN : 9780199383313

Carlos Rojas; Andrea Bachner
952 Pages
171 x 248 mm
Pub date
Jun 2016
Oxford Handbooks
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With over forty original essays, The Oxford Handbook of Modern Chinese Literatures offers an in-depth engagement with the current analytical methodologies and critical practices that are shaping the field in the twenty-first century. Divided into three sections-Structure, Taxonomy, Methodology-the volume carefully moves across approaches, genres, and forms to address a rich range topics that include popular culture in Late Qing China; Zhang Guangyu's Journey to the West in Cartoons; writings of Southeast Asian migrants in Taiwan; the Chinese Anglophone Novel; and depictions of HIV/AIDS in Chu T'ien-wen's Notes of a Desolate Man.


Introduction: The Limits of Wen (?)

Part I: Structure
1.1 Kirk Denton-Lu Xun, Returning Home, and May Fourth Modernity
1.2 Ping-hui Liao-Travels in Modern China: From Zhang Taiyan to Gao Xingjian
1.3 XIA Xiaohong-The Construction of the Modern Chinese Concept of Xiju (drama)
1.4 Nathaniel Isaacson-Orientalism, Scientific Practice and Popular Culture in Late Qing China
1.5 CHEN Pingyuan-The Story of Literary History
1.6 Andrea Bachner-The Secrets of Language: Chen Li's Sinographic Anagrams
1.7 Michael Hill-On Not Knowing: Translation, Knowledge Work, and Modern Literature
1.8 MEI Chia-ling-Voice and the Quest for Modernity in Chinese Literature
1.9 Shelby Chan, Gilbert Fong-Hongkong-Speak: Cantonese and Rupert Chan's Translated Theater
1.10 Xiaomei Chen-Singing The Internationale: From the Red Silk Road to the Red Classics
1.11 John Crespi-Beyond Satire: The Pictorial Imagination of Zhang Guangyu's 1945 Journey to the West in Cartoons
1.12 Laikwan Pang-The Allegory of Time and Space: Tian Han's Historical Dramas in the Great Leap Forward Period
1.13 YAN Lianke-An Examination of China's Censorship System
1.14 Jie Li-Are our drawers empty?: Nie Gannu's Dossier Literature
1.15 Junning Fu-A Dream of Returning to 1997: The Phenomenology of Chinese Web Fantasy Literature

Part II: Taxonomy
2.1 David Porter-Early Modern: Comparative Approaches to Literary Early Modernity
2.2 Xiaojue Wang-Borders and Borderlands Narratives in Cold War China
2.3 Xiaofei Tian-Hao Ran and the Cultural Revolution
2.4 Matthew Fraleigh-At the Borders of Chinese Literature: Poetic Exchange in the Nineteenth-Century Sinosphere
2.5 Kwok Kou Leonard Chan-Sense of Place and Urban Images: Reading Hong Kong in Hong Kong Poetry
2.6 Yvonne Sung-sheng Chang-Wartime Taiwan: Epitome of an East Asian Modality of the Modern Literary Institution?
2.7 CHANG Cheng and LIAO Yun-chang- Song of Exile, Four-Way Voice: The Blood-and-Sweat Writings of Southeast Asian Migrants in Taiwan
2.8 Shuang Shen-Where the Trans-Pacific meets Chinese Literature
2.9 Belinda Kong-Xiaolu Guo and the Contemporary Chinese Anglophone Novel
2.10 Mark Bender-Poet of the Late Summer Corn: Aku Wuwu and Contemporary Yi Poetry
2.11 JI Jin-Literary Translation and Modern Chinese Literature
2.12 Chris Hamm-Genre in Modern Chinese Fiction: Righteous Heroes of Modern Times
2.13 Mingwei Song-Representations of the Invisible: Chinese Science Fiction in the Twenty-First Century
2.14 Rey Chow-Leung Ping-kwan: Shuqing and Reveries of Space
2.15 Nick Admussen-Genre Occludes the Creation of Genre: Bing Xin, Tagore, and Prose Poetry

Part III: Methodology
3.1 David Der-wei Wang-Chinese Literary Thought in Modern Times: Three Encounters
3.2 Jianmei Liu-Gao Xingjian: The Triumph of the Modern Zhuangzi
3.3 Haun Saussy and GE Zhaoguang-Historiography in the Chinese Twentieth Century
3.4 Yingjin Zhang-Structure and Rupture in Literary History and Historiography
3.5 Viren Murthy-Reading Lu Xun's Early Essays in Relation to Marxism
3.6 WANG Hui-Intuition, Repetition, and Revolution: Six Moments in the Life of Ah Q
3.7 Chaoyang Liao-From Shame to Freedom: Undoing Spectral Identity in Li Ang's Seeing Ghosts
3.8 Ban Wang-Passion and Politics in Revolution: A Psychoanalytical Reading of Ding Ling
3.9 Tze-lan Sang-Eileen Chang and the Genius Art of Failure
3.10 Eng Kiong (EK) Tan-From Exile to Queer Homecoming: Chen Xue's A Wife's Diary
3.11 Karen Thornber-Care, Vulnerability, Resilience: Ecologies of HIV/AIDS in Chinese Literature
3.12 Brian Bernards-Malaysia as Method: Xiao Hei and Ethno-Linguistic Literary Taxonomy
3.13 Chien-hsin Tsai-A Distant Shore: Migration, Intextuation, and Postloyalism in Chia Joo Ming's Ambon Vacation
3.14 Carlos Rojas-On Time: Anticipatory Nostalgia in Dung Kai-Cheung's Fiction

Conclusion: Chinese Literatures in Conjunction

About the author: 

Carlos Rojas is Associate Professor of Chinese Cultural Studies, Women's Studies, and Arts of the Moving Image at Duke University. He is the author of The Great Wall: A Cultural History. Andrea Bachner is Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at Cornell University.

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