The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Cognitive Science

ISBN : 9780195309799

Eric Margolis; Richard Samuels; Stephen P. Stich
576 Pages
178 x 251 mm
Pub date
Feb 2012
Oxford Handbooks in Philosophy
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Recent research across the disciplines of cognitive science has exerted a profound influence on how many philosophers approach problems about the nature of mind. These philosophers, while attentive to traditional philosophical concerns, are increasingly drawing both theory and evidence from empirical disciplines - both the framing of the questions and how to resolve them. However, this familiarity with the results of cognitive science has led to the raising of an entirely new set of questions about the mind and how we study it, questions which not so long ago philosophers did not even pose, let alone address. This volume offers an overview of this burgeoning field that balances breadth and depth, with chapters covering every aspect of the psychology and cognitive anthropology. Each chapter provides a critical and balanced discussion of a core topic while also conveying distinctive viewpoints and arguments. Several of the chapters are co-authored collaborations between philosophers and scientists.


1. Introduction: Philosophy and Cognitive Science, Richard Samuels, Eric Margolis, and Stephen P. Stich
2. Consciousness and Cognition, Robert Van Gulick
3. Reasoning and Rationality, Collin Allen, Peter M. Todd, and Jonathan M. Weinberg
4. Massive Modularity, Richard Samuels
5. Perception and Multimodality, Casey O'Callaghan
6. Embodied Cognition, Lawrence A. Shapiro
7. Artificial Intelligence, B. Jack Copeland & Diane Proudfoot
8. Emotions: How Many Are Three?, Jesse J. Prinz
9. Attention, Christopher Mole
10. Computationalism, Gualtiero Piccinini
11. Representationalism, Frances Egan
12. Cognition and the Brain, Rick Grush and Lisa Damm
13. The Scope of the Conceptual, Stephen Laurence and Eric Margolis
14. Innateness, Steven Gross & Georges Rey
15. The Language Faculty, Paul Pietroski and Stephen Crain
16. Language in Cognition, Peter Carruthers
17. Theory of Mind, Alvin I. Goldman
18. Broadminded: Sociality and the Cognitive Science of Morality, John M. Doris and Shaun Nichols
19. Conceptual Development: The Case of Essentialism, Susan A. Gelman and Elizabeth Ware
20. Evolutionary Psychology, Ben Jeffares and Kim Sterelny
21. Culture and Cognition, Daniel M.T. Fessler and Edouard Machery
22. Experimental Philosophy, Joshua Knobe

About the author: 

Eric Margolis is Professor of Philosophy, University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Richard Samuels is Professor of Philosophy, Ohio State University. Stephen Stich is Board of Governors Professor of Philosophy, Rutgers University.

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