The Essays in the Philosophy of Chemistry

ISBN : 9780190494599

Eric Scerri; Grant Fisher
424 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Jun 2016
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The philosophy of chemistry has emerged in recent years as a new and autonomous field within the Anglo-American philosophical tradition. With the development of this new discipline, Eric Scerri and Grant Fisher's "The Philosophy of Chemistry" is a timely and definitive guide to all current thought in this field. This edited volume will serve to map out the distinctive features of the field and its connections to the philosophies of the natural sciences and general philosophy of science more broadly. It will be a reference for students and professional alike. Both the philosophy of chemistry and philosophies of scientific practice alike reflect the splitting of analytical and continental scholastic traditions, and some philosophers are turning for inspiration from the familiar resources of analytical philosophy to influences from the continental tradition and pragmatism. While philosophy of chemistry is practiced very much within the familiar analytical tradition, it is also capable of trail-blazing new philosophical approaches. In such a way, the seemingly disparate disciplines such as the "hard sciences" and philosophy become much more linked.


History and philosophy of chemistry
1. Alan Chalmers. Robert Boyle's Corpuscular Chemistry: Atomism before its Time.
2. Nick Best. What was revolutionary about the Chemical Revolution?
3. Kostas Gavroglu & Ana Simoes. Philosophical issues in (sub)-disciplinary contexts. The case of quantum chemistry

Reduction and explanation
4. Marina Paola Banchetti-Robino & Jean-Pierre Noel Llored. Reality Without Reification: Philosophy of Chemistry's Contribution to Philosophy of Mind
5. Lee McIntyre. Who's Afraid of Supervenient Laws?
6. Eric Scerri. The changing views of a philosopher of chemistry on the question of reduction.
7. Noretta Koertge. Contingencies in Chemical Explanation
8. Dick Pagni. Reaction mechanisms.

Metaphysical issues
9. Rom Harre. Causality in Chemistry: Regularities and Agencies.
10. Joe Earley. How Properties Hold Together in Substances.
11. Hasok Chang. Scientific Realism and Chemistry.
12. Robin Hendry. Natural Kinds in Chemistry.

Theory and practice
13. Hinne Hettema. Chemistry and the Theoretician's dilemma.
14. Grant Fisher. Divergence, Diagnostics, and a Dichotomy of Methods.
15. Guillermo Restrepo. Mathematical Chemistry, a New Discipline.
16. Rein Vihalemm. The Dual Character of Chemistry.

About the author: 

Eric Scerri is a chemist, writer, and philosopher of science. He is a lecturer at the University of California, Los Angeles. Grant Scerri is Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Science and Technology Policy at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

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