Livy: The History of Rome (Titi Livi Ab Urbe Condita): Books 21-25

ISBN : 9780199686162

John Briscoe
432 Pages
156 x 246 mm
Pub date
May 2016
Oxford Classical Texts
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Oxford Classical Texts, also known as Scriptorum Classicorum Bibliotheca Oxoniensis, provide authoritative, clear, and reliable editions of ancient texts, with apparatus criticus on each page. In this volume, Briscoe provides readers with a revised critical edition of the original Latin text of books 21 to 25 of Livy's history of Rome-which cover the first eight years (218-211 BC) of Rome's war with Hannibal-and with the key information required to understand and appreciate the depth and historical relevance of these important writings. Commencing with a substantial English preface, the volume assembles a large number of conjectures, both within the detailed critical apparatus which accompanies the Latin text, and within an extensive appendix. Briscoe draws on the body of research which has accumulated since the previous edition, and utilizes a broad range of manuscripts - some unknown to most or all previous editors of the text - which are organized into designated groups through the use of Greek sigla, enabling the reader to easily identify the stage at which a reading entered the tradition. The volume also includes a comprehensive list of editions and other sources of conjectures, and an extensive index nominum, featuring personal, ethnic, and geographical names.


Editions, Conjectures, and Other Works Published After 1740
Book 21
Book 22
Book 23
Book 24
Book 25
Apparatvi critico addenda
Index nominvm

About the author: 

John Briscoe is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Manchester and a Member of the Academia Europaea.

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