Choice of Law

ISBN : 9780190496722

Symeon Symeonides
840 Pages
178 x 254 mm
Pub date
May 2016
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Choice of Law provides an in-depth study of private international law (PIL) as it pertains to the United States. In this book, Symeon C. Symeonides focuses entirely on Choice of Law pertaining to the question of whether the merits of the dispute will be resolved under the substantive law of the state of adjudication (lex fori), or under the law of another involved state. Structured in three parts, this book discusses the Federal framework, history, doctrine, methodology, and the practice of choice of law. The author begins with the history of choice-of-law doctrine and follows its subsequent evolution to the present. He then moves on to methodology, and extensively explores the case law of the last fifty years, covering what courts say, and especially what they do. Symeonides goes on to identify emerging decisional patterns and extracts descriptive rules or tentative predictions about likely outcomes.


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Chapter 1. Introduction
Part I. The Federal Framework
Chapter 2. Federalism and Choice of Law
Part II. History, Doctrine, and Methodology
Chapter 3. Early Choice-of-Law Doctrine and the Traditional System
Chapter 4. The Structure of Choice-of-Law Rules and the Operation of the Choice-of-Law
Chapter 5. The Choice-of-Law Revolution: Theoretical Groundwork
Chapter 6: The Judicial Revolution in Torts and Contracts
Chapter 7. The Choice-of-Law Revolution Today: Methodological Pluralism
Part III. Choice of Law in Practice
Chapter 8. Torts
Chapter 9. Products Liability
Chapter 10. Contracts
Chapter 11. Forum Selection Clauses and Arbitration Clauses
Chapter 12. Insurance Conflicts
Chapter 13. Statutes of Limitation
Chapter 14. Status and Domestic Relations
Chapter 15. Property, Marital Property, and Successions
Chapter 16. Conflicts between Federal Law and Foreign Law
Part IV. Conclusions
Chapter 17. The Next Step
Appendix: List of choice-of-law codifications, EU regulations, and conventions
Table of Cases

About the author: 

Symeon C. Symeonides is the Alex L. Parks Distinguished Professor of Law and Dean Emeritus at Willamette University School of Law, in Oregon. He is an award winning author and renowned expert in conflicts law, having published 26 books and more than 120 articles (in seven languages), including the widely popular annual survey of American choice-of-law cases for the last thirty years. Reviewers have called him a conflicts giant, the world's leading expert on comparative conflicts law, and the father of codification, and his work brilliant, engrossing, masterful, and indispensable. His work received five scholarly prizes and has been cited by the supreme courts of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Israel (22 times).

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