Island of Guanyin: Mount Putuo and its Gazetteers

ISBN : 9780190456191

Marcus Bingenheimer
304 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
May 2016
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Mount Putuo, also known as the "Island of Guanyin," is a small island in the East China Sea known as the single most important pilgrimage site for the worship of the Bodhisattva Guanyin. The Bodhisattva of compassion is one of Asia's most popular deities and is worshipped from Sri Lanka to Japan. Established in the tenth century, Mount Putuo continues to attract thousands of visitors every year, and is counted among the "Four Great and Famous Buddhist Mountains" of China. Over the centuries, poems, biographies, maps, and legends about Mount Putuo, as well as descriptions of its landscape and temples, have been collected in a series of local histories called "gazetteers." Following the structure of a gazetteer, with each chapter dedicated to a particular genre, this book discusses the function of each in the depiction of Mount Putuo and illustrates them with a number of examples, none of which have been translated before. Written for all who are interested in the history of Asian Buddhism and the sacred sites of China, this book demonstrates the textual construction of this Buddhist sacred site across a variety of genres.


List of Maps and Figures
Chapter 1: We Confucians - Prefaces and Postscripts
Chapter 2: Landscape and Map - Visual Representations of Mount Putuo
Chapter 3: Foundation Legends and Miracle Tales
Chapter 4: Elements of Landscape: Stay, Copy, Move and Vanish
Chapter 5: People, Biographies
Chapter 6: Inscriptions
Chapter 7: The Poetic Landscape of Mount Putuo
Chapter 8: Travelers and Pilgrims
In Conclusion
Conventions & Abbreviations

About the author: 

Marcus Bingenheimer is Assistant Professor of Religion at Temple University.

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