Card & James' Business Law (4th Revised edition)

ISBN : 9780198748380

Lee Roach
904 Pages
171 x 246 mm
Pub date
Apr 2016
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Card and James' Business Law is the most detailed account of business law, providing commanding analysis of the English legal system, contract law, the law of tort, employment law, and partnership and company law. Discussion of the core elements is supplemented with learning features which have been integrated throughout to support study and make the subject more accessible. Relevant examples from the business environment and the key legal cases are presented to help students build a greater understanding of the interconnections between the law and the corporate setting. Chapter introductions and summaries help students identify the salient points of each chapter, while self-test questions allow students to reinforce understanding. The book is accompanied by a collection of online resources to help students approach assessments with confidence: including supplementary problem and essay questions, multiple choice questions with instant feedback, and revision summaries.


Part 1: The English Legal System
1 What is law?
2 The administration of the law
3 Domestic sources of law
4 Europe and the English legal system
Part 2: The Law of Contract
5 Introduction to contract law
6 The formation of the contract
7 The terms of the contract
8 The law of agency
9 Unfair terms
10 Vitiating factors
11 Discharge of the contract
12 Remedies for breach of contract
Part 3: The Law of Torts
13 An introduction to the law of torts
14 The tort of negligence
15 Business-related torts
16 Vicarious liability
17 Tortious defences and remedies
Part 4: Partnership Law and Company Law
18 Unincorporated business structures
19 Incorporation and bodies corporate
20 The constituents of a company
21 Shares and capital maintenance
22 Directors' duties
23 Member' remedies
24 Corporate rescue, insolvency, and dissolution
Part 5: Employment Law
25 The contract of employment
26 Employment rights
27 Discrimination law
28 The termination of employment

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