Law in American History: From Reconstruction Through the 1920s: Volume II

ISBN : 9780199930982

G. Edward White
680 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Mar 2016
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In this second installment of G. Edward White's sweeping history of law in America from the colonial era to the present, White, covers the period between 1865-1929, which encompasses Reconstruction, rapid industrialization, a huge influx of immigrants, the rise of Jim Crow, the emergence of an American territorial empire, World War I, and the booming yet xenophobic 1920s. As in the first volume, he connects the evolution of American law to the major political, economic, cultural, social, and demographic developments of the era. To enrich his account, White draws from the latest research from across the social sciences-economic history, anthropology, and sociology-yet weave those insights into a highly accessible narrative. Along the way he provides a compelling case for why law can be seen as the key to understanding the development of American life as we know it. Law in American History, Volume II will be an essential text for both students of law and general readers.


Chapter One: Civil Rights in the Reconstruction Era
Chapter Two: Law and the Opening of the TransMississippi West
Chapter Three: The Transformation of Foreign Relations Law
Chapter Four: The Transformation of Immigration Law and Policy
Chapter Five: The Transformation of Nineteenth-Century Contract Law
Chapter Six: The Evolving Law of Domestic Relations
Chapter Seven: The Emergence and Development of Tort Law
Chapter Eight: The Treatment of Crimes
Chapter Nine: The Emergence of Modern American Legal Education
Chapter Ten: The Supreme Court in the Era of Guardian Review I:
The Court's Internal Work
Chapter Eleven: The Supreme Court in the Era of Guardian Review II:
Antitrust and Economic Police Power Cases
Chapter Twelve: The Supreme Court in the Era of Guardian Review III:
Race Relations Cases
Chapter Thirteen: The Supreme Court in the Era of Guardian Review IV:
Free Speech Cases
Chapter Fourteen: Toward Modernity

About the author: 

G. Edward White is David and Mary Harrison Distinguished Professor of Law and University Professor at the University of Virginia. His fifteen books include The American Judicial Tradition and Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes. White is also the editor of the John Harvard Library edition of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., The Common Law.

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