George Errington and Roman Catholic Identity in Nineteenth-Century England

ISBN : 9780198766391

Serenhedd James
288 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Mar 2016
Oxford Theology and Religion Monographs
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The Victorian Archbishop of Trebizond, George Errington (1804-1886) was one of the most prominent figures of nineteenth-century English Roman Catholicism. He was involved in the resurgence of the English Catholic Church, and would have achieved the highest offices himself had not a dispute between him and Cardinal Wiseman led to his fall from favour in the eyes of Propaganda Fide. He has come to be regarded as the leader of an 'Old Catholic' party as the struggle continued for dominance in the period of consolidation following the restoration of the hierarchy in 1850. An intimate of Newman, Errington maintained a large correspondence which covers almost every church controversy of his lifetime. His letters shed light on subjects which have long since been dormant and in some cases indicate that the popular interpretations of some affairs are not as clear-cut as has been argued by others. They also expose the various factions in the English Catholic Church at the time, and the slippery nature of the Roman administration. In this comprehensive work, Serenhedd James explores George Errington's motives and actions, and analyses the forces that were at play in the English Catholic Church of the nineteenth century. James highlights that matters of policy were clouded by issues of personality, and where politicking, as much as prayer, was an integral part of its way of life.


List of Sources
Introduction: Errington in Context
1 Status Quo
2 Pepper and Salt
3 Return to England
4 Episcopate
5 Towards Philippi
6 The Errington Case
7 Primate of Scotland?
8 Last Stand
9 Final Things

About the author: 

Serenhedd James is Honarary Research Fellow of St Stephen's House, University of Oxford.

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