Energy Law in Europe: National, EU and International Regulation (3rd edition)

ISBN : 9780198712893

Martha Roggenkamp; Catherine Redgwell; Anita Ronne; Inigo del Guayo
1360 Pages
171 x 246 mm
Pub date
Mar 2016
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Over the last few years, the energy sector in Europe has undergone rapid change. Following the adoption of the EU Third Energy Package and the Climate and Energy Package in 2007, a wide range of EU laws governing the next phase of the EU Internal Energy Market, climate change objectives, and security of supply considerations have entered into force. This new edition builds upon earlier editions of the work to provide an updated overview of important devlopments at national, international, and European levels, covering the most important principles of international law relevant to the energy sector. The first part of the book provides overviews of international and EU law. This is followed by chapters which look at specific European jurisdictions. A number of key energy-producing jurisdictions are focused on, including France, Poland, and the UK. In addition, a chapter is now included to outline Russian energy law. Written by a team of specialist academics and practitioners, Energy Law in Europe: National, EU and International Regulation offers in-depth coverage of energy law, trade and regulation for both practitioners and academics specializing in the energy sector.


Prof. Catherine Redgwell, Prof. Dr. Martha M Roggenkamp, Anita Ronne and Prof. Dr. Inigo del Guayo

Part I Introduction
1 Prof. Catherine Redgwell, Prof. Dr. Martha M Roggenkamp, Anita Ronne and Prof. Dr. Inigo del Guayo: Introduction

Part II International and European Regulation of the Energy Sector
2 Prof. Catherine Redgwell: International Regulation of Energy Activities
3 Dr. Anatole Boute: Energy Trade and Investment
4 Prof. Dr. Hans Vedder, Anita Ronne, Prof. Dr. Martha M Roggenkamp, and Prof. Dr. Inigo del Guayo: EU Energy Law
5 Dr. Hans-Martin Koopmann and Rene Vanhaesendonck: Standard Agreements in European Energy Trade

Part III National Regulation in the Energy Sector
6 Anita Ronne: Energy Law in Denmark
7 Thierry Lauriol: Energy Law in France
8 Prof. Dr. Johann-Christian Pielow and Dr. Hans-Martin Koopmann: Energy Law in Germany
9 Giuseppe Franco Ferrari: Energy Law in Italy
10 Prof. Dr. Martha M Roggenkamp: Energy Law in the Netherlands
11 Prof. Dr. Finn Arnesen, Ulf Hammer, Per Hakon Hoisveen, Prof. Dr. Knut Kaasen and Dagfinn Nygaard: Energy Law in Norway
12 Dr. Mariusz Swora, Karolina Siedlik and Andrzej Blach: Energy Law in Poland
13 Prof. Dr. Inigo del Guayo: Energy Law in Spain
14 Greg Gordon, Prof. Aileen McHarg and Prof. Dr. John Paterson: Energy Law in the United Kingdom
15 Dr. Sergey Seliverstov and Ivan Gudkov: Energy Law in Russia

Part IV Conclusion
16 Prof. Catherine Redgwell, Prof. Dr. Martha M Roggenkamp, Anita Ronne and Prof. Dr. Inigo del Guayo: Conclusion

About the author: 

Martha Roggenkamp is Professor of Energy Law at the University of Groningen and Senior Researcher at Simmons & Simmons, Rotterdam. She is also Chairperson of the Dutch Energy Law Association and Editor of the Dutch Journal of Energy Law.; Catherine Redgwell is Chichele Professor of Public International Law and fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, and Co-Director of the Oxford Geoengineering Programme of the Oxford Martin School; Anita Ronne is Associate Professor of Energy Law in the the Law Faculty at the University of Copenhagen.; Inigo del Guayo is Professor in Administrative Law at the University of Almeria and Director of the National Institute for Public Administration, Madrid.

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