Epidemiology (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780195597318

Petra Buttner; Reinhold Muller
680 Pages
190 x 255 mm
Pub date
Oct 2015
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Epidemiology 2nd edition is a methodological and practical guide to conducting evidence-based quantitative research in all health sciences. With a multidisciplinary focus, it integrates a wealth of case studies and examples to demonstrate the application of theory to real-life research and draws from a broad spectrum of health disciplines.
The book follows a two level 'methods based' approach which clearly differentiates between introductory knowledge that all students of epidemiology should be familiar with and 'beyond the basics' information for the interested or more advanced reader. Each chapter includes tips, key definitions and critical thinking exercises to help readers engage with key concepts and extend their knowledge of epidemiological methodologies.


1 What is Epidemiology?
2 Disease Concepts in Epidemiology
3 Identification of Disease: Diagnostic Tests and Screening
4 Measures of Disease Frequency
5 From Research Topic to Research Hypothesis
6 Quantitative Descriptive Study Designs
7 Experimental Designs
8 Observational Designs
9 Sources of Bias
10 Sampling Strategy and Sample Size Calculation
11 Quantitative Methods of Data Collection
12 Statistics with Confidence
13 Ethical Considerations
14 How to Read and Write Scientific Publications

About the author: 

Petra Buettner is a Director of Tropical Health Solutions Pty Ltd (formerly at James Cook University); Reinhold Muller is a Director of Tropical Health Solutions Pty Ltd (formerly at James Cook University)

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