Jewels of Authority: Women and Textual Tradition in Hindu India

ISBN : 9780195176605

Dean Laurie Patton
250 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Mar 2016
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The essays in this collection address the problem of Hindu women's relationship to authority, both within and without the textual traditions of Sanskrit, Tamil, Hindi, and English. The authors adopt a method of close textual and ethnographic reading, which results in some surprisingly new and subtle ways of interpreting older, more "classical" discourses, such as Veda and Mimamsa, as well as newer discourses, such as the RSS use of the Devimahatmya.


Laurie L. Patton: Introduction

Part I. Ancient Arguments
1 Ellison Banks Findly: The Housemistress at the Door: Vedic and Buddhist Perspectives on the Mendicant Encounter
2 Mary McGee: Ritual Rights: The Gender Implications of Adhikara
3 Laurie L. Patton: Mantras and Miscarriage: Controlling Birth in the Late Vedic Period

Part II. Classical Arguments
4 Stephanie W. Jamison: Giver or Given? Some Marriages in Kalidasa
5 Katherine K. Young: Om, the Vedas, and the Status of Women with Special Reference to Srivaisnavism
6 Vasudha Narayanan: Casting Light on the Sounds of the Tamil Veda: Tirukkoneri Dasyai's Garland of Words

Part III. Reform and Comtemporary Arguments
7 Nancy Auer Falk: By What Authority? Hindu Women and the Legitimization of Reform in the Nineteenth Century
8 Paola Bacchetta: Hindu Nationalist Women: On the Use of the Feminine Symbolic to (Temporarily) Displace Male Authority
9 Ann Grodzins Gold: Counterpoint Authority in Women's Ritual Expressions: A View from the Village

Laurie L. Patton: Afterword

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