Hellenistic Sanctuaries: Between Greece and Rome

ISBN : 9780199654130

Milena Melfi; Olympia Bobou
348 Pages
135 x 216 mm
Pub date
Feb 2016
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Sanctuaries were at the heart of Greek religious, social, political, and cultural life, however, we have a limited understanding of how sanctuary spaces, politics, and rituals intersected in the Greek cities of the Hellenistic and Republican periods. This edited collection focuses on the archaeological material of this era and how it can elucidate the complex relationship between the various forces operating on, and changing the physical space of, sanctuaries. Material such as archaeological remains, sculptures, and inscriptions provides us with concrete evidence of how sanctuaries functioned as locations of memory in a social environment dominated by the written word, and gives us insight into political choices and decisions. It also reveals changes unrecorded in surviving local or political histories. Each case study explored by this volume's contributors employs archaeology as the primary means of investigation: from art-historical approaches, to surveys and fieldwork, to re-evaluation of archival material. Hellenistic Sanctuaries represents a significant contribution to the existing bibliography on ancient Greek religion, history, and archaeology, and provides new ways of thinking about politics, rituals, and sanctuary spaces in Greece.


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List of Contributors
1 Milena Melfi: Introduction
2 Yves Lafond: Euergetism and Religion in the Cities of the Peloponnese (First Century BC to the First Century AD): Between Civic Traditions and Self-assertion of the Elites
3 Maria Kantirea: Re-shaping the Sacred Landscape through Benefaction: The Sanctuary of Lykosoura in the Peloponnese
4 Bjorn Forsen: Artemis Lykoatis and the Bones of Arcas: Sanctuaries and Territoriality
5 Luigi M. Calio: Traditionalism in the Cult Practice from Hellenistic to Roman Times in Kameiros
6 Milena Melfi: Damophon of Messene in the Ionian Coast of Greece: Making, Re-making, and Updating Cult Statues in the Second Century BC
7 Johannes Mylonopoulos: Hellenistic Divine Images and the Power of Tradition
8 Sofia Kravaritou: Sacred Space and the Politics of Multiculturalism in Demetrias (Thessaly)
9 Jessica Piccinini: Renaissance or Decline? The Shrine of Dodona in the Hellenistic Period
10 Elisabetta Interdonato: Architecture and Rituals in the Hellenistic Age: The Case of the Asklepieon in Kos
11 Olympia Bobou: New Images for New Gods: Changes in Votive Habits in the Hellenistic Period
12 Annalisa Lo Monaco: Wreaths, Shields and Old-statues: Roman Magistrates in Sanctuaries of Greece
13 Milena Melfi: The Making of a Colonial Pantheon in the Colonies of Caesar in Greece: The Case of Corinth
14 Lorenzo Campagna: Tauromenion (Taormina, Sicily): The Hellenistic Sacred Area Near the Church of Santa Caterina and Its Transformations during the Roman Imperial Age

About the author: 

Milena Melfi is a lecturer in classical art and archaeology at New College, Oxford, and a curator of casts of Greek and Roman sculptures at the Ashmolean Museum.; Olympia Bobou is a research assistant in the Cast Gallery at the Ashmolean Museum.

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