Manual of Childhood Infection: The Blue Book (2nd Revised edition)

ISBN : 9780198729228

Mike Sharland; Karina Butler; Andrew Cant; Ron Dagan; Graham Davies; Ronald De Groot; Mike Sharland
1024 Pages
100 x 180 mm
Pub date
Apr 2016
Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Paediatrics
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Infectious diseases remain a leading cause of child morbidity and mortality worldwide. Now in its fourth edition, Manual of Childhood Infections is a simple-to-use, evidence-based, and practical handbook on how to recognize, investigate, and manage both common and rare infectious diseases in children and babies. Endorsed by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and the European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases, this fully updated version of the established 'Blue Book' complements the Pan European initiatives and UK diploma courses to harmonise patient management and training in Paediatric Infectious Diseases (PID), making it essential reading for UK and European paediatricians. Manual of Childhood Infections is divided into two alphabetized sections for easy access to information, covering key diagnosis and management features of infections alongside crucial points of epidemiology and clinical features. This fourth edition forms practical reading for practising paediatricians, featuring updates to all key chapters based on a literature review alongside new chapters focusing on emerging problems for Europe.


Section 1
1 Shalom Ben-Shimol and Ron Dagan: Antibacterials
2 Charalampos Antachopoulos: Antifungals
3 Geoffrey Edwards: Antiparasitics
4 Eleni Nastouli: Antivirals
5 Theoklis Zaoutis and Beatriz Larru: Antimicrobial stewardship
6 Andrew Pollard and Manish Sadarangani: Bacterial Meningitis
7 Saul Faust: Bone or Joint Infection
8 Georgi Christov and Garth Dixon: Cardiac Infection
9 Michael Millar and Jo Seale: Central venous line infection
10 Peter Rudd: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
11 Kirsty Mehring-Le Doare: Congenital Infection
12 Jim Buttery: Diarrhoea and Vomiting
13 Shamez Ladhani: Emerging Infections and pandemic preparedness
14 Jethro Herberg: Encephalitis
15 Jolanta Bernatoniene: Enlarged Lymph Nodes
16 Shelley Segal: Ocular Infections
17 Thomas Lehrnbecher: Immunocompromised children with infections
18 Matthew Snape, Tim Sell, and Rahale Tavanayan Fard: Immunisation in immunocompromised children
19 Janet McCulloch: Infection Control in the Community
20 Jim Gray: Infection Control in the Hospital- HCAI
21 Jim Gray: Laboratory Diagnosis of Infection
22 Nicola Principi: LRTI
23 Paul Heath and Stefania Vergnano: Neonatal Infection
24 Athimalaipet Ramanan and Marion Roderick: Periodic Fever
25 Anita Modi: Pyrexia of Unknown Origin
26 Penelope Bryant: Rash
27 Nikos Spryidis and Jim Gray: Gram-positive infections
28 Jim Gray: Gram-negative infections
29 David Elliman: Refugees and Internationally Adopted Children
30 Andrew Riordan: Returning from Abroad with an Infection
31 Marieke Emonts: Sepsis Syndrome
32 Alyson Elliman and Claire Rohan: Sexually Transmitted Diseases
33 Cilian O Maoldomhnaigh and Patrick Gavin: Skin and Soft Tissue Infection
34 Austen Worth: Suspected Immunodeficiency
35 Adilia Warris: Systematic Fungal Infection
36 Tom Wolfs: Toxic Shock Syndrome
37 Ian Maconochie and Rebecca Salter: Trauma Bites and Burns
38 Matthew Ellis and Jane Wilson Howarth: Travelling Abroad
39 Maria Bitsori: Urinary Tract Infections in Children
40 Ulrich Heininger and Jan Bonhoeffer: URTI
41 Richard Cooke: Zoonoses
Section 2
42 Herman Goossens: Adenovirus
43 Scott Hackett: Amoebiasis
44 Steven Welch: Anaerobic
45 Nuria Martinez-Allier: Arboviruses
46 Maribel Gonzalez Tome: Ascariasis (Roundworm)
47 Lucinda Winckworth: Aspergillosis
48 Robert Cunney: Botulism (Food-borne and Infant Botulism)
49 Julia M Kenny: Brucellosis
50 Nikos Spyridis: Campylobacter
51 Emmanuel Roilides: Candidiasis
52 Nicol Principi: Cat-Scratch Disease
53 Kirsty le Doare: Varicella zoster virus
54 Nicola Principi: Chlamydia pneumoniae
55 Nicola Principi: Chlamydia psittaci
56 Nicola Principi: Chlamydia trachomatis
57 Dominique Legros: Cholera
58 Susanna Liviadiotti, Laura Folgori and Livia Gargiullo: Clostridium Difficile
59 Rowan Heath: Conjunctivitis
60 Mary Slatter: Cryptosporidiosis
61 Suzanne Luck: Cytomegalovirus Infection
62 Veronika Dvorakova and Rosemary Watson: Dermatophytoses: Tinea Capitis, Corporis, Pedis and Unguium
63 Rick Malley and Irja Lutsar: Diptheria
64 Jethro Herberg and Rogier van Doorn: Enteroviruses and Parechoviruses
65 Sue Liebeschuetz: Rhinoviruses
66 Giardiasis
67 Theresa Cole: Gonococcal Infection
68 Nicole van der Kar: Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome
69 Anna Papa: Haemorrhagic Fevers
70 Shamez Ladhani: Haemophilus influenzae
71 Irja Lutsar, Emily Williams and Piia Jogi: Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease
72 Alfredo Guarino: Helicobacter pylori Infection
73 Samreen Ijaz and Shamez Ladhani: Hepatitis A & E
74 Suzanne Davison: Hepatitis B
75 Suzanne Davison: Hepatitis C
76 Kirsty le Doare: HSV1 & HSV2
77 Simon Drysdale: HSV6 & HSV7
78 Carlo Giaquinto: HIV
79 Adam Finn: Infectious Helminthiasis
80 Eda Tamm: Epstein-Barr Virus (Infectious mononucleosis)
81 Terho Heikkinen: Influenza and Para-Influenza
82 Lei Ang: Intestinal Worms (threadworms)
83 Despina Eleftheriou: Kawasaki Disease
84 Marta Palusinska-Szysz: Legionnaires' Disease
85 Shalom Ben-Shimol: Leishmaniasis
86 Nicola Prinicipi: Listeriosis
87 Peter Rudd: Lyme Disease
88 Shamez Ladhani: Malaria
89 Vana Papavangelou: Measles
90 Michiel van der Flier: Meningococcal Disease
91 Stanley Plotkin and Mary Ramsay: Mumps
92 Philipp Henneke: Mycobacterial Infection (atypical)
93 Annemarie van Rossum and Patrick M.Meyer: Mycoplasma Infections
94 Marc Tebruegge: Nits and Head Lice
95 Miguel O'Ryan: Norovirus
96 Adilia Warris: Other Fungal Infections
97 Katja Doerholt: Papilloma virus
98 Penelope Bryant: Parvovirus Infection
99 Alison Kent and Ulrich Heininger: Pertussis (Whooping Cough)
100 Hermione Lyall: Plague
101 Alistair Bamford: Pneumococcal Disease
102 Aspasia Katragkou: Pneumocytis carinii Pneumonia
103 Patrizia D'argenio and Lorenza Romani: Poliomyelitis
104 Jolanta Bernatoniene: Poxvirus Infection (including Molluscum Contagiosum)
105 Jolanta Bernatoniene: Prion Disease (Spongiform Encephalitis)
106 Bhanu Williams and Vas Novelli: Rabies
107 Jennifer Handforth: Respiritory Syncytial Virus Infection
108 T Ronan Leahy: HHV6
109 Carlo Giaquinto: Rotavirus and other Viral Enteropathogens
110 Pat Tookey: Rubella
111 Jolanta Bernatoniene: Salmonellosis
112 David Elliman: Scabies
113 Karyn Moshal: Schistosomiasis
114 Lei Ang: Shigellosis
115 Jim Gray: Staphylococcal Infections and MRSA
116 Phillip Henneke: Streptococcal Infections (excluding pneumococcus)
117 Shalom Ben-Shimol: Syphillis
118 Mitul Patel: Tetanus
119 Ulrich Jeininger and Herwig Kollaritsch: Tick-borne Encephalitis
120 Mitul Patel: Toxocariasis
121 Simon Drysdale: Toxoplasmosis
122 Maria Tsolia and Delane Shingadia: Tuberculosis
123 Christopher Parry: Typhoid and Paratyphoid Fevers
124 Wai-Tim Jim, Hsin Chi and Nan-Chang Chiu: Typhus
125 David Hill and Hilary J Simons: Yellow Fever
126 Mary Slack: Yersiniosis
127 Pablo Yagupsky and Ron Dagan: Kingella
1 Shamez Ladhani: Morbidity and Mortality from infection
2 Exclusion Period
3 Paul Heath and Ulrich Heininger: Variation in Immunisation Schedules: UK and Europe
1 Formulary
2 Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases in Europe
3 Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases in the UK
4 Useful Contacts, Websites, Pictures

About the author: 

Mike Sharland is a Consultant at the Paediatric Infectious Diseases Unit at St George's Hospital, London He is a recognized expert in optimising antimicrobial use in children. He is a board member of ESPID, Chair of ESPID Research Committee, Previous Chair of ESPID Training Committee, and Chair of RCPCH Standing Committee on Infection and Immunisation and Chair of the UK Medicines for Children Research Network Allergy, Infection and Immunity Clinical Study Group. He is also the Joint Chair of the Pediatric European Network for Trials in Infection.

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