The IMLI Manual on International Maritime Law: Volume II: Shipping Law

ISBN : 9780199683932

David Attard; Malgosia Fitzmaurice; Ignacio Arroyo; Norman Martinez; Elda Belja
720 Pages
171 x 246 mm
Pub date
Jan 2016
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This three-volume Manual on International Maritime Law presents a systematic analysis of the history and contemporary development of international maritime law by leading contributors from across the world. Prepared in cooperation with the International Maritime Law Institute, the International Maritime Organization's research and training institute, this a uniquely comprehensive study of this fundamental area of international law. Volume II: Shipping Law provides a detailed understanding of the historical development of shipping law looking at concepts, sources, and international organisations relating to shipping law; nationality, registration and ownership of ships; ship sale and shipping contracts; ship management and ship finance; arrest of ships; international trade and shipping documents; carriage of goods, passengers and their luggage by sea; maritime labour law; law of maritime safety; law of marine collisions; law of salvage; law of wrecks; law of general average; law of towage; law of harbours and pilotage; limitation of liability for maritime claims; and law of marine insurance. Volume II published in October 2014 addresses the major issues which arise in the law of the sea. The forthcoming Volume III will provide analysis of marine environmental law and maritime security law. The full three-volume Manual will set out the entirety of international maritime law, re-stating and re-examining its fundamental principles, how it is enacted, and the issues that are shaping its future. It will be a superlative resource for those working with or studying this area of law.


1. Concept, Sources, and International Organizations Relating to Shipping Law

2. Nationality, Registration, and Ownership of Ships

3. Shipbuilding Contracts

4. Ship Sale and Purchase

5. Ship Management and Ship Finance

6. Security Interests in ships

7. Law of Maritime Safety

8. Maritime Labour Law

9. International Trade and Shipping Documents

10. Charter Parties

11. Bills of Lading

12. Multimodal Transport

13. Carriage of Passengers and Their Luggage By Sea

14. Law of Towage

15. Law of Harbours and Pilotage

16. Law of Marine Collisions

17. Law of Salvage

18. Law of Wrecks

19. Law of General Average

20. Arrest of Ships

21. Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims

22. Law of Marine Insurance

About the author: 

David Attard is the Director of International Maritime Law Institute. In 2011 he was appointed judge at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.; Malgosia Fitzmaurice holds the chair of International Law at Queen Mary, University of London, and is the Nippon Foundation Professor on Marine Environmental Law at the International Maritime Law Institute.; Norman Martinez is Senior Lecturer at the International Maritime Law Institute.; Ignacio Arroyo is a Senior Partner of the firm Ramos & Arroyo, Abogados, and Professor of Commerical Law at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.; Elda Belja is a Lecturer at the International Maritime Law Institute.

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