Japanese Language, Gender, and Ideology: Cultural Models and Real People

ISBN : 9780195166187

Shigeko Okamoto; Janet S. Shibamoto-Smith
320 Pages
165 x 244 mm
Pub date
Oct 2004
Studies in Language and Gender Series
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Japanese Language, Gender and Ideology is a collection of previously unpublished articles by established as well as promising young scholars in Japanese language and gender studies. The contributors to this edited volume argue that traditional views of language in Japan are cultural constructs created by policy makers and linguists, and that Japanese society in general, and language use in particular, are much more diverse and heterogeneous than previously understood. This volume brings together studies that substantially advance our understanding of the relationship between Japanese language and gender, with particular focus on examining local linguistic practices in relation to dominant ideologies. Topics studies include gender and politeness, the history of language policy, language and Japanese romance novels and fashion magazines, bar talk, dictionary definitions, and the use of first-person pronouns. The volume will substantially advance the agenda of this field, and will be of interest to sociolinguists, anthropologists, sociologists, and scholars of Japan and Japanese.

About the author: 

Edited by Shigeko Okamoto, Professor of Linguistics, CSU Fresno, and Janet S. Shibamoto-Smith, Professor of Anthropology, UC Davis

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