Japanese Multinationals Abroad: Individual and Organizational Learning

ISBN : 9780195119251

Schon L. Beechler; Allan Bird
288 Pages
163 x 240 mm
Pub date
Aug 1998
Japan Business and Economics Series
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This book brings together research on the spread of Japanese multinational firms around the world. The authors' research includes firms operating in the United States, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Italy, as well as countries in Southeast Asia. The continuing success of these firms provides a model for other countries and firms to understand and emulate. The contributors in this book demonstrate how Japanese multinationals manage the people in their overseas operations and have wide-ranging implications for multinational performance as well as the performance of the local economies in which they operate. It is a learning experience for the Japanese managers when they find a cultural conflict with local workers and have to find ways to overcome this conflict in order for the local affiliate to succeed. Finally, the authors draw conclusions that can be applied to multinational firms in other countries that are expanding into different cultures.

About the author: 

Edited by Schon L. Beechler, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University, and Allan Bird, Associate Professor of Management, College of Business, California Polytechnic University

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