Caregiver Stress and Staff Support in Illness, Dying and Bereavement

ISBN : 9780199590407

Irene Renzenbrink
224 Pages
166 x 233 mm
Pub date
Mar 2011
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The need for renewal and support for those who care for seriously ill, dying, and bereaved people has been acknowledged from the very beginning of the hospice and palliative care movement. While often referring to the rewards and satisfactions of the work, Dame Cicely Saunders was the -first to acknowledge that helping encounters with dying patients and distressed relatives could be a source of anguish and grief for dedicated and compassionate carers. Caregiver Stress and Staff Support in Illness, Dying, and Bereavement discusses the challenge of finding a balance between the support needs of patients, families, and staff and the resources available. With contributions from practitioners and researchers from around the world, this book recognizes that palliative care today is being provided in many different settings and that there may be wide variations in the way individuals and organizations identify and manage the stressors that arise through the work. This unique collection of international perspectives on the complexities and management of caregiver stress and staff support builds on the firm foundation Mary Vachon built over thirty years ago in her studies, yet broadens the scope to include significant social, political, and cultural variations on the theme.


1. Four decades of selected research in hospice/palliative care: have the stressors changed?
2. Workplace well-being: a psychosocial perspective
3. Compassion in healthcare - the missing dimension of healthcare reform?
4. Revisiting empathic engagement: countering compassion fatigue with 'Exquisite Empathy'
5. Working and living with cancer, death, and dying: a personal reflection
6. Jumping the fence: the impact of a life-threatening illness in the workplace
7. The challenge of staff support in hospice care in Zimbabwe
8. Prevention of burnout and compassion fatigue through education and training: the project ENABLE
9. Staff support: a shared responsibility at Victoria Hospice Society, British Columbia, Canada
10. Leadership and staff care, self-care and self-awareness: reflections from St Christopher's Hospice, London
11. Seeing beyond the sadness: Hope, resilience sustainable practice in childhood bereavement
12. Compassion: the essence of end-of-life care
13. Clinical supervision and reflective practice in palliative care: luxury or necessity?
14. When answers elude us: spiritual care as a tool for healing
15. Reflections on caring: a brief essay on presence

About the author: 

Irene Renzenbrink is an Australian social worker and pioneer in the field of death, dying and bereavement. Having worked in hospitals and hospice/palliative care services as well as the funeral industry she has acquired a depth of practice wisdom and knowledge about all aspects of occupational stress for helping professionals.

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