Introduction to Microfluidics

ISBN : 9780199588169

Patrick Tabeling
312 Pages
171 x 244 mm
Pub date
May 2010
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Microfluidics deals with fluids flowing in miniaturized systems, It is a young discipline, which is expected to substantially expand over the next few years, stimulated by the considerable development of applications in the pharmaceutical, biomedical and chemical engineering domains. The book is an introduction to this discipline. The first chapter presents a short historical background and discusses the main perspectives of the domain, at economical and scientific levels. Then the physics of miniaturization and the fluid mechanics of microflows are discussed. In the following three chapters, dispersion, electrical and thermal phenomena in miniaturized devices are presented. A brief introduction to microfabrication techniques is given in Chap VI and the book concludes by providing a few examples of microfluidic systems. The book is written in a simple, direct, pedagogical way; it emphasizes concepts and understanding, rather than technical detail. It offers a cross-disciplinary view of the field, embracing biological, chemical, physical and engineering perspectives. The book wil provide the reader with the concepts, methods and data they need to grasp situations which typically arise in microfluidic systems.


0. Introduction
1. Physics at the Micrometric Scale
2. Hydrodynamics of Microfluidic Systems
3. Diffusion, Mixing,and Seperation in Microsystems
4. The Electrohydrodynamics of Microsystems
5. Microfluidics and Thermal Transfers
6. An Introduction to Microfabrication
7. Some Microfluidic Devices

About the author: 

Dr Patrick Tabeling is CNRS Director of Research and Professor at the Ecole Superieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles de la Ville de Paris. He was a Visiting Professor at UCLA (1999-2000), and won the Stichting Award in 1996.

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