Spinal Interventions in Pain Management

ISBN : 9780199586912

Karen Simpson; Ganesan Baranidharan; Sanjeeva Gupta
288 Pages
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107 x 180 mm
Pub date
Mar 2012
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Concentrating on techniques rather than pain pathology, Spinal Interventions in Pain Management is focused purely on the spine. This practical handbook covers anatomy and imaging, how to choose patients, how to undertake procedures, and includes advice on potential pitfalls. Perfect reading for pain interventionalists and trainees before doing a procedure or before an exam, the book covers the most common spinal interventions for pain that pain specialists undertake, including epidurals, diagnostic facet interventions, the intra-articular injection of the sacroiliac joint and radiofrequency denervation, cervical, thoracic and lumbar discography, and neuromodulation (spinal cord stimulation and intrathecal drug delivery). Extensive illustrations, both x-rays and figures, make the book accessible and help to provide a clear understanding of the anatomy, which underpins spinal interventions.


1. Applied anatomy and fluoroscopy for spinal interventions
2. Imaging in pain medicine
3. Drugs, equipment and basic principles of spinal interventions
4. Lumbar spine interventions
5. Cervical spine interventions
6. Thoracic spine interventions
7. Disc interventions
8. Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty
9. Spinal cord stimulation in the treatment of chronic pain
10. Intrathecal drug delivery (ITDD)
11. Autonomic blocks
12. Spinal interventions for cancer pain
13. Head and neck interventions
14. Medicolegal issues and interventional pain management

About the author: 

Karen Simpson, Consultant in Pain Medicine, Leeds Teaching Hospitals,UK; Ganesan Baranidharan, Consultant in Pain Medicine, Leeds Teaching Hospitals, UK; Sanjeeva Gupta, Consultant in Pain Medicine, Leeds Teaching Hospitals, UK

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