Philosophical Perspectives on Depiction

ISBN : 9780199585960

Catharine Abell; Katerina Bantinaki
256 Pages
162 x 241 mm
Pub date
Jul 2010
Mind Association Occasional Series
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Pictures are representations that depict their objects. Although depiction plays as important a role as language in contemporary culture and communication, its function is relatively poorly understood. This volume of specially written essays by leading philosophers offers to set the agenda for the philosophy of depiction. It addresses a wide range of philosophical issues, concerning the nature and value of depiction, the role of our perceptual processes in interpreting pictures, and the role of depiction in everyday communication.


1. Pictorial Diversity
2. Picture This: Demonstrative Reference Through Pictures
3. The Epistemic Value of Photographs
4. Depictive Seeing and Double Content
5. Pictorial Perception as Twofold Experience
6. Inflected Pictorial Experience: Its Treatment and Significance
7. Inflected and Uninflected Experience of Pictures
8. Seeing Things in Pictures

About the author: 

Catharine Abell is a philosopher at the University of Manchester. Her research interests lie predominantly in aesthetics, particularly in the philosophy of the representational arts. They include the nature and value of depictive representation; its role in communication and its relation to linguistic representation; expression and interpretation in the representational arts; and the phenomenon of style. ; Katerina Bantinaki worked at the University of Manchester before moving to the University of Crete, Greece, where she is currently a Lecturer in Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art. Her research interests lie predominantly in the philosophy of art. She is particularly interested in philosophical issues relevant to the perception and interpretation of works of art, the value of works of art, and their expressive import.

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