The Trinitarian Theology of St Thomas Aquinas

ISBN : 9780199582211

Gilles Emery; Francesca Aran Murphy; Francesca Aran Murphy
452 Pages
158 x 234 mm
Pub date
Mar 2010
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A historical and systematic introduction to what the medieval philospher and theologian Thomas Aquinas (1225-74) said about faith in the Trinity. Gilles Emery OP provides an explanation of the main questions in Thomas's treatise on the Trinity in his major work, the Summa Theologiae. His presentation clarifies the key ideas through which Thomas accounts for the nature of Trinitarian monotheism. Emery focuses on the personal relations of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, both in their eternal communion and in their creative and saving action. By highlighting the thought of one of the greatest defenders of the doctrine of the Trinity, he enables people to grasp the classical Christian understanding of God.


1. The Revelation of the Trinity
2. Thomas's Exposition of Speculative Trinitarian Theology
3. The Structure of Thomas's Treatise on the Triune God
4. The Processions
5. Relations
6. The Person
7. Trinitarian Monotheism
8. The Person of the Father
9. The Person of the Son
10. The Person of the Holy Spirit
11. The Holy Spirit Proceeds from the Father and from the Son
12. The Reciprocal Interiority of the Divine Persons
13. Appropriation
14. Trinitarian Creation and Action
15. Missions

About the author: 

Gilles Emery OP, Professor of Dogmatic Theology, University of Fribourg, Switzerland; Francesca Aran Murphy, Professor of Christian Philosophy, University of Aberdeen

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