The Pauline Epistles

ISBN : 9780199580262

John Muddiman; John Barton
224 Pages
154 x 233 mm
Pub date
Apr 2010
Oxford Bible Commentary
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The Oxford Bible Commentary is a Bible study and reference work for 21st century students and readers that can be read with any modern translation of the Bible. It offers verse-by-verse explanation of every book of the Bible by the world's leading biblical scholars. From its inception, OBC has been designed as a completely non-denominational commentary, carefully written and edited to provide the best scholarship in a readable style for readers from all different faith backgrounds. It uses the traditional historical-critical method to search for the original meaning of the texts, but also brings in new perspectives and insights - literary, sociological, and cultural - to bring out the expanding meanings of these ancient writings and stimulate new discussion and further enquiry. Newly issued in a series of part volumes, the OBC is now available in an affordable and portable format for the commentaries to the Pauline Epistles. Includes a general introduction to using the Commentary, in addition to an introduction to study of the New Testament, and to the Pauline Corpus in particular.


1. Introduction to the New Testament
2. Introduction to the Pauline Corpus
3. Romans
4. 1 Corinthians
5. 2 Corinthians
6. Galatians
7. Ephesians
8. Philippians
9. Colossians
10. 1 Thessalonians
11. 2 Thessalonians
12. The Pastoral Epistles: 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus
13. Philemon

About the author: 

John Muddiman, G. B. Caird Fellow in New Testament Studies, Mansfield College, University of Oxford; John Barton, Oriel and Laing Professor of the interpretation of Holy Scripture, University of Oxford

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