Reconnecting Marketing to Markets

ISBN : 9780199578078

Luis Araujo; John Finch; Hans Kjellberg
296 Pages
161 x 234 mm
Pub date
Dec 2010
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The historical link between marketing and markets, prevalent until the 1960s, has given way to the view of marketing as a portable set of tools applicable to markets and non-markets alike. By re-establishing the connection between the two, this book examines the argument that marketing produces markets: marketing practices and theories play a very significant role in the production of markets and the kinds of entities and phenomena that populate markets. This interdisciplinary book brings together theoretical and empirical contributions from marketing and economic sociologists to analyse and develop novel approaches to interpreting the relationship between marketing theory, marketing practices, and markets across a variety of market settings and countries.


Reconnecting Marketing to Markets: an Introduction
Consumption, Materiality and Markets
Reconnecting Marketing to "Market-things": How Grocery Equipment Drove Modern Consumption (Progressive Grocer, 1929-1959)
Exchanging Agencies: the Case of NetOnNet
Product Tastes, Consumer Tastes: the Plurality of Qualification in Product Development and Marketing Activities
Governing Firms, Shaping Markets: the Role of Calculative Devices
Markets are Trading Zones: on the Material, Cultural and Interpretative Dimensions of Market Encounters
Tinkering with Market Actors: How a Business Association's Practices Contribute to Dual Agency
The Unexpected Effects of Gas Market Liberalisation: inherited devices and new practices
Marketing on Trial: the SAS EuroBonus case
Trading Bads and Goods: Market Practices in Fair Trade Retailing
Marketing as an Art and Science of Market Framing: Commentary
Connecting to Markets: Conclusions

About the author: 

Luis Araujo is Professor of Industrial Marketing at Lancaster University Management School. He is mainly interested in business markets, namely the vertical boundaries of the firm and product-service systems. His recent work has examined the role of marketing in market-making and a practice-based approach to markets.; John Finch is Professor of Marketing at Strathclyde University. He is researching the development and shaping of business markets, especially given incremental product and service development and the activities of users, sales and marketing personnel, and science and technology specialists.; Hans Kjellberg is Associate Professor of Marketing at Stockholm School of Economics. His research interests concern economic organizing in general and the shaping of markets in particular. He is currently engaged in projects on how marketing practices contribute to shape mundane markets and how investment bank practices shape the stock markets.

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