Heart Disease in Pregnancy

ISBN : 9780199574308

Dawn Adamson; Mandish Dhanjal; Catherine Nelson-Piercy
364 Pages
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148 x 183 mm
Pub date
Mar 2011
Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Cardiology
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All cardiologists will be called on to assess and manage pregnant women, however the majority have had little or no training in the subject. In the same way, obstetricians assess women with cardiac conditions, and therefore require the knowledge to both refer patients with heart disease as well as to manage them through the pregnancy. However a recent enquiry into maternal deaths has highlighted that morbidity and mortality of women with heart disease in pregnancy has continued to increase over the last 15 years and substandard care has been identified in 40% of cases. Recommendations have been made that women with, or at risk of, heart disease are screened and counselled on the appropriate risks of undergoing a pregnancy, and as a result all physicians involved need a good understanding of the subject and access to the relevant information. A concise handbook written for cardiology and obstetric trainees and consultants, as well as specialist nurses and midwives, Heart Disease in Pregnancy provides a detailed introduction to the physiological changes of pregnancy and gives practical advice on the management of women with heart disease who are pregnant or who are considering pregnancy. It also provides the relevant obstetric knowledge and processes needed for a cardiologist to successfully manage a pregnant woman.


1. Physiological changes in pregnancy
2. The normal cardiac examination in pregnancy
3. Investigations in pregnancy
4. Ischaemic heart disease
5. Native valvular heart disease
6. Infective endocarditis
7. Pregnancy post cardiac surgery
8. Cardiac surgery in pregnancy
9. Arrhythmias
10. Cardiomyopathies
11. Pulmonary hypertension
12. Aortic pathology
13. Cyanotic heart disease
14. Acyanotic congenital heart disease
15. Hypertension
16. Thromboembolic disease
17. Anti-coagulation in pregnancy
18. Cardiac emergencies in pregnancy
19. Pharmacology in pregnancy
20. The multidisciplinary team management of heart disease in pregnancy
21. Epidemiology of heart disease in pregnancy
22. Pre-pregnancy counselling
23. Contraception
24. Obstetric care for the non-obstetrician
25. Assisted reproduction techniques and surrogacy
26. Obstetric anaesthesia and cardiac disease

About the author: 

Dawn Adamson, Consultant Interventional and Obstetric Cardiologist, University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire, UK; Mandish Dhanjal, Consultant Obstetrician, Queen Charlotte's Hospital, Imperial College NHS Trust, London, UK; Catherine Nelson-Piercy, Consultant Obstetric Physician, St Thomas' Hospital, Guys & St Thomas' Hospital Trust, UK

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