Angina and Heart Attack

ISBN : 9780199599288

Philip Jevon
128 Pages
128 x 197 mm
Pub date
Jan 2012
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Millions of people throughout the world suffer from Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). Angina is a symptom of CHD, but the condition can ultimately lead to a heart attach - often fatal. Steps can be taken to help prevent CHD getting worse, thus reducing the risk of a heart attack. Many patients who have a heart attack die before reaching hospital. However, once in hospital, modern day treatment and intervention can improve the prognosis considerably, particularly if the patient presents within hours of the symptoms starting. This book will help patients and their families understand what angina is, the causes, risk factors, symptoms, treatment and how to manage and live with it. It provides the reader with the appropriate level of information that they will need to understand what a heart attack is and what to do in the event that someone suffers from one, including the recognition of the symptoms, ensuring early admission to hospital. Treatment, and on-going management and rehabilitation, is also described in detail.


1. What is angina and what is a heart attack?
2. What are the causes of ischaemic heart disease?
3. Symptoms of angina and a heart attack
4. What are the investigations for angina?
5. Treatment for angina
6. Living with angina
7. Treatment of a heart attack
8. Cardiac rehabilitation: recovering from a heart attack
9. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
10. Further information on angina and heart attacks

About the author: 

Phil Jevon, Resuscitation Officer/Clinical Skills Lead, Manor Hospital, Walsall, UK

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