Another Day in the Monkey's Brain

ISBN : 9780199734344

Laurie J. Shrage; Ralph Siegel; Oliver Sacks
144 Pages
142 x 210 mm
Pub date
Aug 2012
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Another Day in the Monkey's Brain charts a neuroscientist's journey to understand the central mysteries of consciousness. Dr. Siegel began his career in the neurophysiology of vision in the 1980s, just when the field was coming into focus with the advent of new computing and imaging technologies. As a pioneer in the technique of mesoscopic imaging, he worked with some of the giants in vision science: Torsten Wiesel, Francis Crick, Tom Albright and many others. With insight and clarity, he shows how science is built on such relationships. Along the way, he gives a vivid sense of the abundant passion and creativity that drive scientists in their pursuit of understanding. From monkey to man, Dr. Siegel finds the beauty in the scientific discovery of self in mind and brain.


Introduction by Oliver Sacks
1. A Day in the Monkey's Brain
2. A Short Salk Story
3. My First Encounter with Francis Crick
4. Chaos Through the Looking Glass
5. Bright Moments
6. Eighth Avenue Line at Fourteenth Street
7. Modern Times
8. Visual Irredentism
9. Critique of Pure Cortical Topography
10. Waiting for the Train to Baltimore
11. Triumvirate
12. Consciousness

About the author: 

Dr. Ralph Mitchell Siegel, a professor of neuroscience at the Rutgers University, Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience, was a neurophysiologist interested in the basic mechanisms underlying visual motion and spatial perception, with the ultimate goal of developing applications to assist people who have visual processing disorders and neurological injuries. He performed pioneering work on parietal lobe neurons and the influence of eye position and attention on perception.

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