The Oxford Handbook of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies

ISBN : 9780199733255

Christine Maguth Nezu; Arthur M. Nezu
536 Pages
178 x 254 mm
Pub date
Dec 2015
Oxford Library of Psychology
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The Oxford Handbook of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies provides a contemporary and comprehensive illustration of the wide range of evidence-based psychotherapy tools available to both clinicians and researchers. Chapters are written by the most prominent names in cognitive and behavioral theory, assessment, and treatment, and they provide valuable insights concerning the theory, development, and future directions of cognitive and behavioral interventions. Unlike other handbooks that provide a collection of intervention chapters but do not successfully tie these interventions together, the editors have designed a volume that not only takes the reader through underlying theory and philosophies inherent to a cognitive and behavioral approach, but also includes chapters regarding case formulation, requisite professional cognitive and behavioral competencies, and integration of multiculturalism into clinical practice. The Oxford Handbook of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies clarifies terms present in the literature regarding cognitive and behavioral interventions and reveals the rich variety, similarities, and differences among the large number of cognitive and behavioral interventions that can be applied individually or combined to improve the lives of patients.


1. Introduction Christine Maguth Nezu and Arthur M. Nezu Part One: Conceptual Foundations 2. Historical and Philosophical Dimensions of Contemporary Cognitive Behavior Therapy William T. O'Donohue, and Kyle Edward Ferguson 3. Core Competencies in Cognitive Behavioral Interventions Christine Maguth Nezu, Sarah Ricelli, and Arthur M. Nezu 4. Behavioral Assessment and the Functional Analysis William H. O'Brien, Stephen N. Haynes, and Joseph Keawe'aimoku Kaholokula 5. Case Formulation for the Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies: A Problem-Solving Approach Christine Maguth Nezu, Arthur M. Nezu, Sarah Ricelli, and Jessica B. Stern Part Two: Major Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy Approaches 6. Applied Behavior Analysis Raymond G. Miltenberger, Bryon G. Miller, and Heather M. Zerger 7. Exposure-based Interventions for Adult Anxiety Disorders, OCD, and PTSD Seth J. Gillihan and Edna B. Foa 8. Cognitive Restructuring/Cognitive Therapy Cory F. Newman 9. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Monica E. O'Kelly and James J. Collard 10. Contemporary Problem-solving Therapy: A Transdiagnostic Intervention Arthur M. Nezu, Alexandra P. Greenfield, and Christine Maguth Nezu 11. Mindfulness- and Acceptance-Based Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies Susan M. Orsillo, Sara B. Danitz, and Lizabeth Roemer 12. Dialectical Behavior Therapy: A Comprehensive Multi- and Trans-diagnostic Intervention Anita Lunga and Marsha M. Linehan 13. Relapse Prevention Katie Witkiewitz and Megan Kirouac 14. Behavioral Activation Derek R. Hopko, Marlene M. Ryba, Crystal McIndoo, and Audrey File 15. Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches to Stress Management Sarah L. Mann and Richard J. Contrada Part Three: Major Psychological Problems and Populations 16. Adult Anxiety and Related Disorders Jaqueline Bullis and Stefan G. Hofmann 17. Adult Mood Disorder: The Case of Major Depressive Disorder C. Steven Richards 18. Cognitive Behavioral Interventions in Psychosis Elizabeth Kuipers, Suzanne Jolley, and Juliana Onwumere 19. Cognitive Behavioral Therapies in Older Adult Populations Michele M. Braun, Bradley E. Karlin, and Antonette M. Zeiss 20. Treating Children and Adolescents Philip C. Kendall, Jeremy S. Peterman, Marianne A. Villabo, Matthew Mychailyszyn, and Kelley A. O'Neil Rodriguez 21. Couple Therapy Kristina Coop Gordon, Katie Wischkaemper, and Lee J. Dixon 22. Intellectual Disability James K. Luiselli 23. Delivery, Evaluation, and Future Directions for Cognitive Behavioral Treatments of Obesity Gareth R. Dutton and Michael G. Perri 24. Personality Disorders Mary McMurran and Mike J. Crawford Part Four: Special Topics 25. Multicultural Issues in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Gordon C. Nagayama Hall and Alicia Yee Ibaraki 26. Combination Treatment for Anxiety and Mood Disorders: Benefits and Issues for the Combination of CBT and Pharmacotherapy Michael W. Otto and Bridget A. Hearon

About the author: 

Christine Maguth Nezu, PhD, ABPP, is Professor of Psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Medicine at Drexel University. She has maintained a private practice as a licensed psychologist for over 25 years and is board-certified by the ABPP in clinical, as well as in cognitive and behavioral, psychology. She is also a Program Consultant to the Department of Veterans Affairs, a Program Consultant for the Joint Programs of the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense, and a Past-president of the ABPP. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology, the Academy of Clinical Psychology, and the Academy of Cognitive Therapy, as well as recipient of the 2014 ABPP Award for Distinguished Contributions.; Arthur M. Nezu, PhD, DHL (Hon), ABPP, is Distinguished University Professor of Psychology, Professor of Medicine, and Professor of Community Health and Prevention at Drexel University. He is the current editor of the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, an associate editor for the Archives of Scientific Psychology, and past editor of The Behavior Therapist. He is a Fellow of multiple professional organizations including the American Psychological Association, the American Psychological Society, the Society of Behavior Medicine, the Academy of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology, and the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. He is a past president of both the Association of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies and the American Board of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology, and served as Board Chairman of the World Congress of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies.

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