The Oxford Handbook of Christianity and Economics

ISBN : 9780199729715

Paul Oslington
656 Pages
201 x 259 mm
Pub date
Feb 2013
Oxford Handbooks in Economics
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Many important contemporary debates cross economics and religion, in turn raising questions about the relationship between the two fields. This book, edited by a leader in the new interdisciplinary field of economics and religion and with contributions by experts on different aspects of the relationship between economics and Christianity, maps the current state of scholarship and points to new directions for the field. It covers the history of the relationship between economics and Christianity, economic thinking in the main Christian traditions, and the role of religion in economic development, as well as new work on the economics of religious behavior and religious markets and topics of debate between economists and theologians. It is essential reading for economists concerned with the foundations of their discipline, historians, moral philosophers, theologians seeking to engage with economics, and public policy researchers and practitioners.


List of Contributors
Paul Oslington
Part A: Historical Relationships between Economics and Christian Theology
1. Economics in the Christian Scriptures, M. Douglas Meeks
2. Economics in the Church Fathers, Hennie Stander
3. Voluntary Exchange and Coercion in Scholastic Economics, Odd Langholm
4. Economics and Theology in Italy since the 18th Century, Luigino Bruni and Stefano Zamagni
5. From the Foundation of Liberal Political Economy to its Critique: Theology and Economics in France in the 18th and 19th Centuries, Gilbert Faccarello
6. Theology and the Rise of Political Economy in Britain in the 18th and 19th Centuries, A.M.C. Waterman
7. Economics and Theology in Europe from the 19th Century: From Early 19th Century's Christian Political Economy to Modern Catholic Social Doctrine, Pedro Teixeira and Antonio Almodovar
8. Economics and Theology after the Separation, Ross B. Emmett
Part B: Contemporary Theological Economics
9. Roman Catholic Economics, Andrew Yuengert
10. Anglicanism, Kim Hawtrey
11. Eastern Orthodoxy's Theology of Economics, Daniel P. Payne
12. Reformed Christian Economics, Bob Goudzwaard and Roel Jongeneel
13. Theonomy, Edd Noell
14. Anabaptist Approaches to Economics, Jim Halteman
15. Pentecostal Approaches to Economics, Shane Clifton
16. Interface and Integration in Christian Economics, J. David Richardson
Part C: Christianity, Capitalism and Development
17. Weber, Theology, and Economics, Max L. Stackhouse
18. Economic Religion and Environmental Religion, Robert H. Nelson
19. Christianity and the Prospects for Development in the Global South, Peter S. Heslam
20. Faith, Religion, and International Development, Katherine Marshall
21. Christianity and the Global Economic Order, Paul S. Williams
Part D: Economic Analysis of Religion
22. Economic Models of Churches, Robert Mochrie
23. The Economics of Religious Schism and Switching, T. Randolph Beard, Robert B. Ekelund, Jr., George S. Ford, and Robert D. Tollison
24. Spiritual Capital, Theodore Roosevelt Malloch
25. Religious Labour Markets, Ian Smith
26. Regulation of Religious Markets, Charles M. North
27. Behavioral Economics of Religion, Jonathan H.W. Tan
Part E: Interdisciplinary Exchanges
28. Economic Justice, Albino Barrera
29. Happiness, Ben Cooper
30. Usury, Ian Harper and Lachlan Smirl
31. Human Nature, Identity, and Motivation, Gordon Menzies and Donald Hay
32. Gender, Carrie A. Miles
33. Poverty, Craig M. Gay

About the author: 

Professor of Economics, Australian Catholic University

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