Equity and the Law of Trusts (12th edition)

ISBN : 9780199694952

Philip H. Pettit
840 Pages
171 x 245 mm
Pub date
Oct 2012
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This well-established and respected textbook has been relied upon by students and academic scholars for nearly 50 years. Praised for the clarity of the writing, the comprehensive scope of the content and the high level of critical analysis, Professor Philip Pettit builds on the strengths of the book to offer students a rigorous and yet readable account of equity and trusts law. The basic structure of the previous edition has not been substantially altered. The diagrams introduced in the 11th edition have been well received and have been retained, as has the glossary. There has been some rearrangement of matters within chapters which will, it is hoped, clarify the exposition. Online Resource Centre Three additional chapters can be accessed on the Online Resource Centre: Conversion and Reconversion; Satisfaction, Ademption and Performance; and The Equitable Doctrine and Election. Along with the chapters appearing in the 12th edition, these chapters have been updated to reflect changes in the field.


1. History of the Court of Chancery and Introduction to Equity
2. The Trust Concept
3. The Essentials of a Trust
4. Classification and Juristic Nature of Trusts
5. Formal Requirements of Express Trusts
6. Completely and Incompletely Constituted Trusts
7. Secret Trusts and Mutual Wills
8. Constructive Trusts
9. Resulting Trusts
10. Common Intention Constructive Trusts
Proprietary Estoppel
11. Unlawful Trusts
12. Voidable Trusts
13. Charitable Trusts
14. The Administration of Charities
15. Trustees
16. Duties of Trustees
17. The Investment of Trust Funds
18. Evenhandedness as Between the Beneficiaries
19. The Fiduciary Nature of Trusteeship
20. Appointment of Agents, Nominees and Custodians
Delegation of Trusts
21. Power of Trustees
22. Variation of Trusts
23. Breach of Trust
24. Following and Tracing
25. Injunctions I - Nature
Damages in Lieu
26. Injunctions II - Principles Governing Grant of Injunctions
27. Injunctions III - Injunctions in Particular Types of Cases
28. Specific Performance
29. Other Equitable Remedies

About the author: 

Philip H.Pettit is a Barrister of the Middle Temple and Emeritus Professor of Equity of the Universities of Bristol and Buckingham.

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