Life's Vital Link: The Astonishing Role of the Placenta

ISBN : 9780199694518

Y.W. Loke
288 Pages
150 x 222 mm
Pub date
May 2013
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The development of the placenta was a pivotal event in evolution. Without it, we would still be laying eggs instead of giving birth to live offspring. It represents the critical link between the foetus and the mother, but its character is extraordinary - it is, in effect, a foreign tissue that invades the mother's body. Compared to many other animals, the human placenta represents a particularly aggressive body. But how is it managed and controlled? How did such an organ evolve in the first place? And why is it tolerated by the mother? Y.W. Loke, a highly respected expert in the placenta and its development, explores the nature of the placenta and what it can tell us about evolution, development, and genetics.


1. After the Afterbirth
2. In the Beginning
3. The Principal Players
4. Parental tug-o-war
5. Connecting with Mother
6. Nature's Transplant
7. Essential Products
8. Gateway
9. Journeys End
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About the author: 

Professor Y. W. Loke of King's College Cambridge, is a highly respected expert in the placenta and its implantation and development. He has published widely in academic journals.

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