Psoriatic Arthritis

ISBN : 9780199692095

Dafna D. Gladman; Cheryl F. Rosen; Vinod Chandran
112 Pages
129 x 197 mm
Pub date
May 2014
Oxford Rheumatology Library
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Over the past 30 years, there has been increasing recognition of psoriatic arthritis as a distinct clinical entity. Psoriatic arthritis occurs mostly in patients with psoriasis and may affect up to 1% of the general population. It has many similarities to other forms of spondyloarthritis, and must be differentiated from related conditions. Given that most patients with psoriatic arthritis have skin and musculoskeletal diseases that significantly affect their quality of life and function, patients are ideally managed in a multidisciplinary clinic with rheumatologists, dermatologists and a nurse specialist, physical therapist and occupational therapist. Psoriatic Arthritis covers the epidemiology and diagnostic and classification criteria, describing the clinical features of the disease, including skin and nail involvement, articular, and other extra-articular manifestations. Laboratory features and imaging characteristics are covered in detail, along with co-morbidities and their impact. A comprehensive review of skin disease therapy is also provided, along with the various treatment options for joint disease, including traditional disease modifying therapy and newer biologic agents . This comprehensive yet concise and practical volume is the perfect guide to psoriatic arthritis for the busy practitioner, and will be of interest to trainees and specialists in rheumatology and dermatology.


1. Epidemiology
2. Diagnostic and classification criteria
3. Aetiology and pathogenesis
4. Clinical features of musculoskeletal disease
5. Clinical features of nail and skin disease
6. Imaging
7. Making a diagnosis
8. Assessment of disease activity and damage
9. Therapeutics
10. Surgery
11. Co-morbidities
12. Team approach
13. Prognosis
14. The future

About the author: 

Dafna Gladman, Senior Scientist, Toronto Western Research Institute, Centre for Prognosis Studies in the Rheumatic Diseases, Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto, Canada; Department of Medicine,Division of Rheumatology, University of Toronto,; Cheryl F. Rosen, Head, Division of Dermatology, Toronto Western Hospital Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Toronto,; Vinod Chandran, Centre for Prognosis Studies in the Rheumatic Diseases, Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto, Canada; Department of Medicine Division of Rheumatology, University of Toronto

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