Stellar Magnetism (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780199641741

Leon Mestel
744 Pages
183 x 255 mm
Pub date
Feb 2012
International Series of Monographs on Physics
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Ongoing studies in mathematical depth, and inferences from 'helioseismological' observations of the internal solar rotation have shown up the limitations in our knowledge of the solar interior and of our understanding of the solar dynamo, manifested in particular by the sunspot cycle, the Maunder minimum, and solar flares. This second edition retains the identical overall structure as the first edition, but is designed so as to be self-contained with the early chapters presenting the basic physics and mathematics underlying cosmical magnetohydrodynamics, followed by studies of the specific applications appropriate for a book devoted to a central area in astrophysics.


1. Introduction
2. Theoretical basis
3. Applications
4. Magnetism and convection
5. Magnetic fields in stellar interiors
6. Dynamo processes in stars
7. Stellar winds: magnetic braking
8. Late-type stars
9. The early-type magnetic stars
10. Pre-main sequence stars
11. Magnetism and star formation I
12. Magnetism and star formation II

About the author: 

Leon Mestel is Emeritus Professor of Astronomy at the University of Sussex. Mestel has also taught at the University of Cambridge, Princeton University, the Weizmann Institute in Rehovoth, Israel, the University of Manchester, and the Racah Institue at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He has established himself as one of the leaders in his field.

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