Transcendental Philosophy and Naturalism

ISBN : 9780199608553

Joel Smith; Peter Sullivan
224 Pages
149 x 223 mm
Pub date
Aug 2011
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Kant's introduction of a distinctive form of philosophical investigation and proof, known as transcendental, inaugurated a new philosophical tradition. Transcendental Philosophy and Naturalism assesses the present state and contemporary relevance of this tradition. The contributors aim to understand the theoretical structures involved in transcendental explanation, and to assess the contemporary relevance of the transcendental orientation, in particular with respect to contemporary philosophical naturalism. These issues are approached from both naturalistic and transcendental perspectives.


1. Introduction: Transcendental Philosophy and Naturalism
2. Davidson and Idealism
3. Vats, Sets, and Tits
4. The Unity of Kant's Active Thinker
5. The Value of Humanity: Reflections on Korsgaard's Transcendental Argument
6. Reasons, Naturalism and Transcendental Philosophy
7. Naturalism, Transcendentalism and Therapy
8. Is Logic Transcendental?
9. Strawson on Other Minds

About the author: 

Joel Smith is a lecturer in philosophy at the University of Manchester. He works primarily on the philosophy of mind. ; Peter Sullivan is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Stirling. The primary focus of his published work has been on the founding figures of analytic philosophy: Frege, Russell, the early Wittgenstein, and Ramsey.

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