Land Law (7th edition)

ISBN : 9780199603794

Kevin Gray; Susan Francis Gray
704 Pages
157 x 233 mm
Pub date
Jul 2011
Core Texts Series
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Gray and Gray's Land Law provides a reliable explanation of the key elements of this subject, making it an invaluable guide for the law student at any level. Combining a clear and engaging writing style with rigorous analysis, Gray and Gray set land law in its socio-political and economic context, enabling students to examine this subject in depth. Land Law skilfully balances critical incisiveness with user-friendly explanations, helping you to develop your own analytical skills while exploring the key concepts of this subject and the debates which surround it. Gray and Gray's contextual approach enlivens the complexities of land law and enables you to understand how the law has developed and its relevance to the modern world. With subheadings and chapter summary points used throughout, information is easy to locate both for the new and more experienced student. Diagrams and flowcharts help explain difficult concepts, while end of chapter questions test your understanding and help to consolidate learning for exam success. A broad range of further reading is also included at the end of each chapter to support further independent research.


1. Fundamental concepts
2. Possession and title
3. Freehold ownership
4. Leasehold ownership
5. Easements and profits a prendre
6. Security interests in land
7. Beneficial ownership
8. Dealings and their effect
9. Other modes of acquisition
10. Privacy, access and exclusion
11. Public regulation of land

About the author: 

Kevin Gray is Dean of Trinity College, Cambridge and a Professor of Law in the University of Cambridge and the National University of Singapore.; Susan Francis Gray is a Solicitor of the Senior Courts, and sometime Assistant Land Registrar at HM Land Registry.

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