Psychological Assessment of Veterans

ISBN : 9780199985722

Shane S. Bush
584 Pages
162 x 243 mm
Pub date
Sep 2014
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Psychological assessment is practiced in wide-ranging settings to address the varied clinical and administrative needs of veteran populations. Such assessment blends record review, clinical interviews of the veteran and collateral sources of information, behavioral observations, and psychological testing. This book promotes the care and well-being of veterans by bringing together knowledgeable and experienced psychologists to discuss a range of psychological assessment methods and procedures. It aims to help patients and their families, healthcare providers, and concerned citizens gain an improved understanding of veterans' cognitive functioning, emotional states, personality traits, behavioral patterns, and daily functioning. The book begins with a history of the psychological assessment of veterans and investigates its efficacy in different settings, including outpatient mental health, long-term care, primary care, home-based primary care, and telemental health. Later chapters address assessment of a variety of disorders or presenting problems, including substance use disorders, psychotic disorders, mood disorders and suicidal thoughts and behavior, PTSD and other anxiety disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, dementia, pain and pain-related disorders, and polytrauma. The book concludes with important special considerations, including assessment of symptom and performance validity, assessment of homeless veterans and health-related quality of life, and ethical, legal, and professional issues. Psychological Assessment of Veterans provides an essential reference and guide for clinical psychologists, including those working in the subspecialties, and psychology trainees who work with veterans.


Edited by Shane S. Bush
Patrick H. DeLeon, Ph.D.
Paul C. Lewis, Ph.D., FNP-BC
Shane S. Bush, Ph.D., ABPP
1. History of Psychological Assessment of Veterans
Rodney R. Baker, Ph.D.
PART II Contexts
2. Psychological Assessment of Veterans in Outpatient Mental Health Settings
Nathaniel W. Nelson, Ph.D., ABPP
Carolyn R. Anderson, Ph.D.
James B. Hoelzle, Ph.D.
Paul A. Arbisi, Ph.D., ABPP, ABAP
3. Psychological Assessment of Veterans in Long-Term Care
Michael L. Drexler, Ph.D.
4. Psychological Assessment of Veterans in Primary Care-Mental Health Integration Contexts
Lisa K. Kearney, Ph.D., ABPP
Laura O. Wray, Ph.D.
Katherine M. Dollar, Ph.D.
Paul R. King, Ph.D.
Christina L. Vair, Ph.D.
5. Psychological Assessment of Veterans in Home Based Primary Care
B. Heath Gordon, Ph.D.
Michele J. Karel, Ph.D.
6. Assessment via Telemental Health Technology
Matthew S. Yoder, Ph.D.
Travis H. Turner, Ph.D.
PART III Disorders
7. Psychological Assessment of Veterans with Substance Use Disorders
Dominick DePhilippis, Ph.D.
Jessica D. Goodman, Ph.D.
James R. McKay, Ph.D.
8. Schizophrenia Spectrum Psychotic Disorders: General Considerations
Daniel N. Allen, Ph.D.
Gerald Goldstein, Ph.D.
9. Schizophrenia Spectrum Psychotic Disorders: Test Measures and Procedures
Daniel N. Allen, Ph.D.
Gerald Goldstein, Ph.D.
10. Assessment of Mood Disorders and Suicidal Thoughts and Behavior in Veterans
Beeta Y. Homaifar, Ph.D.
Jennifer Olson-Madden, Ph.D.
Bridget Matarazzo, Psy.D.
Lisa A. Brenner, Ph.D., ABPP
11. Psychological Assessment of Veterans with PTSD and Other Anxiety Disorders
Christy A. Blevins
Daniel J. Lee
Frank W. Weathers, Ph.D.
12. Beyond Diagnosis: Assessment of ADHD among Military Veterans
Mark A. Sandberg, Ph.D., ABPP
Susan R. Green, Psy.D., ABPP
13. Assessment of Psychological Symptoms in Persons with Dementia
Sandra Zinn, Ph.D.
14. The Psychological Assessment of Veterans with Pain and Pain-Related Disorders
John D. Otis, Ph.D.
Andrea Levine, M.S.
Diana Higgins, Ph.D.
15. The Psychological Assessment of Veterans with History of Polytrauma
John Linck, Ph.D., ABPP
Jared Benge, Ph.D., ABPP
PART IV Special considerations
16. Assessment of Symptom and Performance Validity in Veterans
Shane S. Bush, Ph.D., ABPP
17. Psychosocial Assessment of Homeless Veterans
Anne S. Klee, Ph.D.
Howard R. Steinberg, Ph.D.
18. Health-related Quality of Life among Veterans
S. Marc Testa, Ph.D.
19. Ethical, Legal, and Professional Considerations in the Psychological Assessment of Veterans
Shane S. Bush, Ph.D., ABPP
Bradley Karlin, Ph.D.

About the author: 

Shane S. Bush, Ph.D. is a neuropsychologist with the VA New York Harbor Healthcare System, Director of Long Island Neuropsychology, P.C., and a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science at Stony Brook University School of Medicine. He is a veteran of both the U.S. Marine Corps and Naval Reserve.

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