The Social Psychology of Disability

ISBN : 9780199985692

Dana S. Dunn
208 Pages
151 x 234 mm
Pub date
Jan 2015
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This is the first book to systematically review, update, organize, and critique the literature on the social psychology of disability in 30 years. The book gives pride of place to classic as well as contemporary concepts from the social psychology of disability and rehabilitation psychology that researchers and clinicians can use or adapt for their professional venues. The book's overarching message is an important one: The experience of most people with disabilities is not what nondisabled persons anticipate-contrary to the latter's beliefs and expectations, the former can lead full and normal lives. Thus, The Social Psychology of Disability is designed to counter stereotypical or biased perspectives aimed at an often overlooked minority group. The primary audience for the book is rehabilitation researchers and clinicians in psychology and allied fields (e.g., social work, nursing). A secondary audience includes policy makers and graduate students in rehabilitation and clinical psychology, as well as interested undergraduates.


Chapter 1 - Overview: The Social Psychology of Disability
Chapter 2 - Fundamental Psychosocial Concepts for Understanding Disability
Chapter 3 - Challenges: Stigma, Stereotyping, and Disability
Chapter 4 - Attitudes Toward People with Disabilities
Chapter 5 - Coping with and Adjusting to Disability
Chapter 6 - Towards an Understanding of Disability Identity
Chapter 7 - A Positive Psychology of Disability and Rehabilitation
Chapter 8 - The Ecology of Disability

About the author: 

Dana S. Dunn is Professor of Psychology and Assistant Dean for Special Projects at Moravian College. A social psychologist by training, his scholarship examines teaching, learning, and liberal education as well as the social psychology of disability. He received the Charles L. Brewer Award for Distinguished Teaching of Psychology from the American Psychological Foundation in 2013.

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