Interactive Composition: Strategies Using Ableton Live and Max for Live

ISBN : 9780199973828

VJ Manzo; Will Kuhn
280 Pages
218 x 279 mm
Pub date
Mar 2015
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Interactive Composition empowers readers with all of the practical skills and insights needed to compose and perform electronic popular music in a variety of popular styles. This book focuses on the implementation of compositional and production concepts with each chapter culminating in a newly composed piece created by the reader using these concepts. The book begins by introducing Ableton Live and Max for Live as the key tools involved in the creation of interactive composition. The following chapters describe particular musical styles ranging from ambient to chiptune to house to dubsteb and the ways one might compose and perform within these styles through the software. As readers progresses through the book, they will learn to use the software to facilitate their compositional objectives.


Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction to Interactive Composition
Chapter 2: Session View
Chapter 3: Introduction to Max for Live
Chapter 4: Ambient
Chapter 5: Pop & Rock Music
Chapter 6: Electro-acoustic Music
Chapter 7 - Hip Hop & Trap Music
Chapter 8 - House Music
Chapter 9 - Breakbeat/Drum & Bass
Chapter 10 - Chiptune
Chapter 11 - Granular Synthesis
Chapter 12 - Dubstep
Chapter 13 - Remixing & Loop Sampling
Chapter 14 - Mastering
Chapter 15: Analysis of Projects

About the author: 

V.J. Manzo is Assistant Professor of Music Technology and Cognition at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and author of MAX/MSP/Jitter for Music (2011).; Will Kuhn is the Department Chair and Music Technology instructor at Lebanon High School in Lebanon, Ohio. His lab-based courses, as well as the school's Electronic Music Group, are regularly featured at regional music education events.

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