Beyond Loss: Dementia, Identity, Personhood

ISBN : 9780199969265

Lars-Christer Hyden; Hilde Lindemann; Jens Brockmeier
224 Pages
162 x 240 mm
Pub date
Jul 2014
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Coming to terms with dementia is one of the great challenges of our time. This volume of new interdisciplinary essays by internationally established scholars offers new ways of understanding and dealing with it. It explores views of dementia that go beyond the idea of loss, and rather envisions it as multilayered transformation and change of personhood and identity, and as development that mostly is socially shared with others. The studies collected here identify new empirical, theoretical, and methodological areas that will be crucial to future research and clinical practice concerned with age-related dementia. Three general themes are singled out as of particular importance and interest: persons and personhood, identity and agency, and the social and the communal.


Hyden, Lindemann, Brockmeier: Beyond Loss - Introduction
Part I: Persons, Personhood, and Dignity
1. Hilde Lindemann: Second Nature and the Tragedy of Alzheimer's
2. Steven R. Sabat: The Person with Dementia as Understood Through Stern's Critical Personalism
3. Lennart Nordenfelt: Dignity and Dementia
4. Ingrid Hellstrom: 'I'm his wife not his carer!' - Dignity and couplehood in dementia that the relationship>"
Part II: Identity, Agency, Embodiment
5. Jens Brockmeier: Questions of Meaning: Identity, Memory, and Dementia
6. Maria I. Medved: Everyday dramas: Comparing life with dementia and acquired brain injury
7. Pia Kontos: Body and Self in Dementia
8. Alison Phinney: As the Body Speaks: Creative Activity in Dementia
Part III: Communication, Family, and Institutions
9. Lars C. Hyden: Narrative collaboration and scaffolding in dementia
10. Camilla Lindholm: Supporting a Co-Conversationalist with Dementia: The Case of Questions
11. Pamela Roach, John Keady & Penny Bee: 'Familyhood' and Early Onset Dementia: Using Narrative and Biography to plot Longitudinal Adjustment to the Diagnosis
12. Linda Orulv: In Battle with Time: Agency and Control in a Self-Help Group for Persons with Dementia

About the author: 

Lars-Christer Hyden is Professor of Social Psychology at Linkoping University. His research primarily concerns how people with Alzheimer's disease and their significant others interact and use language - especially narrative - as a way to sustain and negotiate identity and a sense of self. Hilde Lindemann is Professor of Philosophy at Michigan State University. A former president of the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities and a Fellow of the Hastings Center, her published work includes Damaged Identities, Narrative Repair; An Invitation to Feminist Ethics; and Holding and Letting Go: The Social Practice of Personal Identities. Jens Brockmeier is Professor of Psychology at The American University of Paris. With a background in psychology, philosophy, and language studies, his interests are in issues of memory, identity, and the autobiographical process, which he has examined in a variety of cultural contexts and under conditions of health and illness.

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