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Religion, Politics, Society, and the State

ISBN : 9780199949236

Jonathan Fox
235 Pages
155 x 229 mm
Pub date
Jul 2012
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Featuring contributions from renowned experts, Religion, Politics, Society, and the State provides a uniquely broad perspective on religion's influence on politics, covering multiple countries in major regions. It shows how religion interacts with politics on many different levels, and that these influences can be divided into the influence of the state and the influence of society on politics. Representing multiple disciplines, methodologies, and levels of analysis-including individual, social group, institutional, and state-the selections cover several countries in major world regions, including the United States, Israel, Turkey, North Africa, and Western Europe. In addition, two chapters include information from the entire world.


1. Cooperation between Church and State in Liberal Democracies, Benyamin Neuberger
2. Religious Freedom in Constitutions and Law: A Study in Discrepancies, Jonathan Fox and Deborah Flores
3. Wars and Rumors of Wars: Explaining Religiously Motivated Violence, Roger Finke and Jaime Dean Harris
4. Religion and Democracy: The Case of the AKP in Turkey, Jeffrey Haynes
5. Religion as a Nation-Binder and Nation-Divider: Interpersonal Relationships in the Israel Defense Forces, Stuart A. Cohen
6. The Theory and the Practice of Political Tolerance in U.S. Society, Marie A. Eisenstein
7. Radical Islam versus the Nation-State: Violent Conflicts in Northeast Africa and the Nile Valley, Yehudit Ronen
8. Taming Tehran: Evangelical Christians and the Iranian Threat to Israel, Faydra L. Shapiro
9. Churches in ": A Knowledge-Based Analysis of Clergy Involvement in Conflict, Nukhet A. Sandal

About the author: 

Jonathan Fox is an Associate Professor of Political Studies at Bar Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel. He specializes in the intersection between religion and multiple social and political phenomena, including state religion policy, conflict, and international relations.

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